Contests and in-game events

I get that 2K can’t ship 3 couches, a mini fridge, and a life size loot chest anywhere in the world. But on this topic, does anyone remember that contest that had a smart phone app that scanned barcodes and gave you guns based on whatever it read? Why was that US only? 99% of all prizes were in game and at least Canada has the same barcodes as the US. I feel that gearbox is playing favorites with the US. Gearbox needs more worldwide contests and events like the loot hunt in Borderlands 2. Double XP weekends for fast leveling or 2x chance to find legendries those are examples of cool event ideas or they could go all out and have money spew out of enemies when they are shot but respawn price is doubled or flaming suicide psychos with shields are abundantly everywhere. Gearbox should make the Borderlands world more random, creative, and fun.

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That was a phone app. And it sucked.