Context on being a Defender?

I used to like Galilea a lot, but I really don’t use her now that she’s been nerfed.
I actually haven’t minded the nerfs so much, but I hope Gearbox gets the context of the nerfs right (and if they buff her, the context of the buffs).

Spending a lot of time in PvE with Galilea (and not a lot of time in PvP with her), I was able to put out ridiculous damage numbers over the course of a mission.
When I saw the 18% damage reduction on patch notes, I thought it was reasonable based off my PvE numbers.

Playing PvP with her, I’m probably not building her right on Helix/Gear, but man I don’t think she feels like a Defender at all.
I get lowering her damage, but they didn’t increase anything for her being able to stand toe to toe with anyone either.
That time to kill matters.
The faster you drop someone, the faster they aren’t damaging you back.
Why didn’t she see a roughly ~18% HP increase to offset the reduction to her Damage?
Or an increase to Shield power since she wants to protect her HP pool for DPS gains?
Or at least since she lost the ability to chase down and attack, give her an innate run and block like Boldur (I like the thought of this less than more health, but she needs SOMETHING to close that doesn’t also forsake being a Defender).

I really don’t see any Defenders in PvP other than Montana.
Can we use him as a benchmark for nerf/buffs from now on?

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Those labels they slap on heros really dont mean anything. Thorns got the sniper label but go post in the Thorn section about that, youll be told otherwise. She is actually a mid-range, hit-and-run skirmisher. So, similarly here, Galilea is less of a defender and more of an assassin/teamfighter. She does defend well but its situational; No defender will be able to “defend” properly when they are melee and being pushed, for example. While I dont main Galilea, this is how Ive interpreted others playstyles, both on my team or against me. Also, a tip I read once was Galileas defense is her offense; Shield up until your opponent lets his guard down, pull him with Desecration, slash him up, when he runs you stun, kill kill kill. Word for word.

Yeah, those words are loose, I’m actually not referring to those, although Toby being ‘Adorabe’ as a Keyword is funny.

There’s a descriptive Role term for each character and the stats mostly back it up.
The Role term is listed in menus alongside their Faction, with the roles of Attacker, Defender and Support.
Jennerit, LLC, and Rogue each have 1 Support character, 1 Defender, and 3 Attackers.
Eledrid has 2 of each and U.P.R. has 3 Attackers and 2 Defenders.
The characters listed as Defenders are Attikus, ISIC, Toby, Boldur, Kelvin, Galilea, and Montana.

Those themes can be important for design intent and execution, as well as to communicate what a character can do.
I’m hoping that any character edits fit into those paradigms.
In the end, if Galilea isn’t supposed to be a Defender, we can even go with that.
Change her label and move in that direction.


Well… When a character is overpowered and they nerf them, they dont usually give them a buff to compensate a nerf. That just leaves them overpowered still.
Boldur doesnt have innate run and block, its a helix. Again, she needed a power decrease, not a power shift.
Bah, you dont see Boldurs because people are not good enough for Boldur.