Continiously crashing during singleplayer games, sometimes in MP


Anyone else having frequent crashes as well?

It’s killing all the fun. I dont even want to play ranked games anymore, even though i’d love to do so. It’s killing me.

I have the latest driver version ( version 15.300.1025.1001 Crimson), so that’s probably not the issue.


X4 860k
MSI R7 370

Posted same thing on the steam discussion forum. It seems i’m not the only one. Link here:

You should post this along with a DirectX diagnostic to the BBI Technical forum. It’s the best and fastest way to help resolve bugs and crashes like these:

Thanks for the quick response. How do i find the DX crash-log?

Not sure where the crash log is but the DX diagnostic you get by typic dxdiag into the run bar. There’s a save all information button to export the info.

Ask them for where you find the log as well. :wink:

Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

i have same issue …
4.1ghz amd zambezi 8 core
GTX 760
8 gb ram