Continuation on player self-death situation

So while messing around last night, I decided to suicide once for every kill I got (Because I didn’t really care about winning [and apparently, after you learn the map, you have to kind of try to fall into the pits in Quagmire]) … so that was fun and low-stakes and all, but I realized that enemy kill stats do not effect MMR earned. While a win should obviously be the driving force behind earning MMR, quality gameplay may deserve a sort of bonus compared to… well… what I was doing to let people win. I know differential in MMR is factored in when determining how many points to dole out, but would it worthwhile to factor in the player’s true K/D as well?

Anyone else have thoughts on this?

Edit: I’m talking mostly of player fall deaths. If a player finishes themselves off during a battle, that’s kind of part of normal gameplay.