Continued Xbox One Issues

As of 10/25/19 here are the issues I am still experiencing with BL3 on a standard Xbox One. To be clear, the VAST majority of what I personally have experienced and what I am listing below is relevant to split screen coop only. Single player has been functioning fine for me, call me lucky or whatever. The issue is, split screen coop has been a primary driving force in my enjoyment of the series since game one so these issues are particularly frustrating.

  • Tiny text. I’m not some bifocal wearing old fogey (not quite anyway) but the text in split screen is bonkers small. Also, did it recently get even smaller? Maybe I’m losing my mind.

  • HORRIBLE LAG, especially when interacting with menus. Were talking 5 count lockups here…

  • UI glitches including button prompts on shops not being visible and item portraits not being correct in inventory (why does my gun look like a grenade? …wait, it that a shotgun or a rocket launcher?)

  • Fast Travel points disappearing for players who are further along after they have joined in on the game of a player further back in the story. I understand not having those points accessible in the game while playing with someone who hasn’t unlocked them yet but why are they not coming back when you restart your own game?

I love you guys, I love Borderlands but these issues absolutely should have been stamped out prior to release and are indicative of rushed release / inadequate testing. I’m not snapping my game disk over my knee or anything here but please, please, PLEASE get this stuff locked down so I can get back to enjoying one of my favorite series of all time and especially so I can enjoy this game with my son who is FINALLY old enough to join me on the couch!

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It’s not just you and coop. Happens in single player still to sadly.

It gets better with each hotfix but it’s still bad enough to notice