Contractual Aristocracy

doesn’t seem to work all the way with split screen? Anyone else having a problem with it? Duchess works fine but player 2 can’t be my servant no matter what he does.

I’m on 360 and I don’t have this problem. Works just fine with player 1 and 2.

What console are you on?

Are both players signed on with different gamer profiles? I’m just guessing there could be a bug if both on the same profile.

No I figured it out, other player has to hold melee as well when signing, that or it only works with profiles tied to live accounts, I’ll have to test that and report back.

Aurelia has to hold melee to bring up the contract and the other has to melee the contract, it doesn’t matter if the profiles are linked to a live account or not. I did notice in split screen it seems harder to hit the contract and had to try several times to hit the right spot.

I was having problems with my partner trying to melee the contract last time we played. Every time his Athena would try Aurelia would pull the contract back. Anybody ever see this? We kept trying for a couple of minutes then just gave up and went back Concordia so I could respec.

Yeah, if you don’t hit it just right it doesn’t work, happens with all the characters trying to activate it, doesn’t seem to happen as much online but does occasionally but pretty common split screen. If this happen someone should back up or get closer or adjust their aim until you get it.

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Awesome, thanks. I’ll try that.