Control Bindings for Build and Launch managers do not save

Every time I start up HW1 Remastered, I must go into Options>Controls and rebind “Build Manager (toggle)” from Ctrl-B to just B, and "Launch Manager (toggle)’ from Ctrl-L to just L.

If I reload a game, the 2 bindings will save. But if I exit to Windows and immediately restart the game and load up my Quicksave, I have to go through the above process again.

No other non-default set key bindings suffer from this issue.

Additionally, if I then re-assign Build Manager (non-toggle) and Launch Manager (non-toggle) to Ctrl-B and Ctrl-L, respectively, the game will not accept the bindings and shows a duplicate binding of ‘B’ and ‘L’ for the non-toggle functions, respectively.

After doing this, hitting B and L does not toggle the menus correctly in-game. They both act as the non-toggle functions for both the Build and Launch Manager menus.

The only way to resolve this is to set both non-toggle functions in the Controls Menu to “Unassigned.”, which then allows ‘B’ and ‘L’ to function correctly as the toggle versions for both menus.

(again, this must be done every time I start HW1 Remastered from Windows)

      Yeah, it's a known bug of keybinds not saving. I was 

frustrated about this as well. But here’s a plus to it. Leaving them as
default you can always press ESC to exit out of them. Also, consider
having the mothership with 3 carriers able to build fighters. You can
open the build menu, hover mouse over the interceptors, click, press B
(switching to the next build ship), click on interceptors, press B,
click interceptors etc.

makes multi-ship building easier.