Controller bug only in this game? Please help

Ok. First of all, I play using a MacBook Air 13 inch V 10.9.5 OS X. There is this bug in the controller’s right analoge stick configuration ONLY inside the game, I don’t know why but my characters keep aiming up to the sky. The important thing here is that it happens when I try to use a NEW dualshock 3 or a NEW afterglow controller that I bought about a week ago, so it’s clear that it is not the controller that is messed up. I haven’t tried many fixes i found online because to do that I have to get inside the files and I am scared that I will make it worse. Please I need a fix for this ASAP I want to play my favorite game again please.

I tried doing a search for you to see if anyone else had this kind of issue, but I couldn’t locate anything.

I don’t know how much help they can give you on here;

As it may not be an issue on Gearbox’s end, but it is definitely worth a shot.

It’s ok. I’ll look around there, and thank you so much for trying :smile:

I did read that wired controllers seem to work better than wireless ( pairing issues, apparently ).

If it’s wired, try starting up the game and THEN input the controller via USB. Seems to work for some folks w/ Macs. ( from what I’ve been reading they’ve simply been using XBox and PS controllers )

Some are also installing other third party programs ( tattiebogle, I believe ) and recommend using version .8 not the latest. ( I can NOT vouch for this method ) It seems to require an added step of mapping the controller after tattiebogle install through an app at the store ( I believe it’s just called Joystick Mapper)

I don’t know if any of this is of any help.