Controller in "Classic mode" - Alternate fire mode QOL fix! - No more "Holding" the button to switch firing modes!

I like so many other players, play with the classic controller setup and I have tried both, here is what I do not understand…
In classic mode you have to “hold” the Y/triangle button to switch between firing modes… While In the default controller mode, on the d-pad it’s a simple quick touch of the button corresponding to the action.
This drove me absolutely crazy that there was/is a time penalty in classic mode to switch between alternate firing modes.
The only reason I could think of for this simple QOL issue, is that maybe we’re being “gently” led into using the new default controller scheme…

To anyone being driven crazy by this and having the same issue.


Go into/switch your game into “default controller mode” and then bind the alternate firing mode to Y/triangle, which is the exact same place it is in classic mode.
Rebind your weapon slots to 1-4 respectively…

Basically, remap your buttons in “default mode” to mirror “classic controller mode.”

Viola - Instantaneous swap of alternate fire mode and no more “Holding” down the button for a full second to switch between firing modes…

I hope this helps anyone that was/is in the same insane boat that I happened to be stranded in.



Gonna implement that TODAY. I almost never switch my weapons with “Y”/“Triangle”. I wanted to switch around how the button worked in classic. Hold to change weapon/tap to switch fire modes.

Now I can. Thanks :smiley:

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Yes, that was my main issue in default mode as well, having to press a button up to 3 times to swap between whatever weapon you wanted to be using… Which was why I would always revert back to the “Classic” controller configuration… I figured it was better to take the hit on having to hold the button to swap firing modes than it was to have to constantly press a button multiple times to scroll thru to get to my weapon of choice… Now, it’s no longer an issue when setting up the “default” controller scheme to be mapped just as it is in “Classic” mode. :grin:

I myself am very much looking forward to making/experimenting with an Atlas build now, since this issue was pretty much the only thing that was holding me back from doing just that.

I can’t believe I went through all those previous levels holding down that dumb button to switch between firing modes! :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::hot_face:


Except now you can’t do the quick refill ammo at the vending machine because this leaves the Secondary Use/Next Weapon unbound. I also use the Secondary Use button to sell all my marked junk. If you could modify it so the secondary use is the hold down for a second that would be cool but I haven’t figured out how to bind that.

Yeah, with a regular (Ps4) Duelshock controller I’m afraid it’s a true “classic” Bl2 style of play this way, with the ammo refill on the vending machines and all… I think it’s worth the trade off for most builds though… My Moze rarely runs low on ammo so that’s not a problem…
Just an idea and they’re spendy, but give you an extra 4 buttons to bind with - I’m personally using a Scuf Impact controller and did a bind to one of my middle paddles…