Controller Sensitivity while IronSight or Flying with Benedict

I wish there was a setting where you could change the sensitivity of the analog stick to be constant. Right now it feels really weird to aim while flying with benedict and it makes it harder to hit faster moving players. Also it would open up some possibilites for sniper battleborn. What do you guys think?

I’m not sure what you mean. In options > controller you can change your sensitivity on X-axis and Y-axis. I changed it up because I couldn’t keep up with Ghalt’s shotgun on Orendi when zoomed in. And now I can. And with Benny you can zoom in anyway and I have no problems aiming while flying to be honest. With OM, Marquis, Toby and every body that has a aim I can understand but you need to find a speed for yourself. Ask a friend to select Orendi go in Private take OM or Ghalt or what ever. Make him run side to side until you find the speed that you are a bit faster then her sprinting past.

Thanks for the input! What I mean is that the sensitivity is lowerd while zoomed in or while flying. Having a very high sensitivity fixes this for zoomed in aiming but makes it harder to aim while you are not zoomed in. I tried to set the sensitivity to 15 for benedict which makes it easy to aim while flying but hard to aim while grounded

So my suggestion: an option to have the same sensibility while zoomed in and while zoomed out. Or while grounded and while flying

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