Controller Sensitivity?

It’s…me again…

I was wondering where I should set my X and Y sensitivity when playing BL2. I use an XB1 controller. Recommendations?

That is really up to personal preference.
I have both the X and Y axis at 10, and that’s only barely enough for me.
Mind you, maybe that the controller makes a diffirence, considering I play on PS4.

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I am on PS3, X and Y sensitivities at 10, without aim assist.

Even with the in-game sensitivities on 10, the aim is still much slower than on a CoD game.

The flying dragons in Tiny Tina’s DLC seem especially hard to deal with when using a controller.

Thankfully the game accepts input from the controller and my trackball/keyboard at the same time. :sunglasses:

On Linux KDE we adjust analogy joysticks from System Settings/Hardware/Input Devices/Joystick.