Controller sensitivity

Saw a post already about mouse sensitivity but I wanted to ask about ps4 controller sensitivity. I’m kind of ignorant about this stuff to be honest and find myself moving a bit like a tank when I play. Lower sensitivity seems better for precision weapons like a sniper rifle while higher seems better for that spray and pray/run and gun style (spray and pray being my favorite)

How do you determine the best sensitivity to play at with a controller?

Personally I play any game at the highest sensitivity until I get used to it, faster turn times will always be slightly advantageous in PvP encounters. In my beginner days I’d play on a lower sensitivity until it started to feel slow and work my way up. Having played so many fast-paced FPS games I found BB and BL sensitivity to be too slow for my liking :frowning:

Slightly off-topic, but since there are such varied levels of mobility within the characters of Battleborn, I think some should turn faster than others at the same sensitivity. For example, Caldarius should have no trouble pivoting in an instant while Montana shouldn’t be able to turn nearly as fast.

Ooh, I feel like that would be nausea inducing! At 4/10 I’m shaky but it also makes me feel sluggish.

Yeah it would be nice for those agile skirmishers to have better control. He’s a fighter jet and should feel like one.

Lol it was at first, playing Black Ops Zombies with instant 360 sensitivity was nuts lol but I learned to be lighter on the stick, 10 on BB is like playing Black Ops on 6 or 7.

I bought a thumbstick extender for my ps4 controller, It lets you up the sensitivity and control it much more accurately. I don’t play without it anymore. I only use the extender for the right stick though, I don’t feel like it helps at all with the left stick. It did take some getting used too but I love it now.

I did this for destiny, but I think I’m gonna stay at default settings for Battleborn. They seem to be working out alright for me.

Good advice all, what about aim assist. Do you find success with that as well? I’m having a bit of trouble with it as Reyna due to her shield booster skill. I find it gets caught on the closer allies and drags me with them. The problem is I may not want to use the booster on them. Haven’t been able to test with it off yet but was wondering if you prefer it on or off?

I started a thread about this a while back, I’m strictly against aim assist and I always turn it off in any game I play. Your example is one of the many reasons why, though for me it’s usually against opponents. I try to line one up, aim assist snaps to another. I ADS and the snap puts me off my shots as well, it’s a distraction. Your example sounds like a good enough reason to turn it off, and you’ll become a better gamer because of it. When you stop relying on a cheap mechanic and start killing with crits yourself it will feel more rewarding and your aim will drastically improve. Then you can move onto a higher sensitivity lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Slif, I need to hang with you at launch But I know you got a big crew already XD

I’m dropping aim assist and upping the sensitivity!

I’m always looking for more, when too many of us are online we tend to split into multiple parties and try our luck in matchmaking or play private matches.

The only negative point is that party chat on PS4 only allows 8 players, which is frickin’ stupid! >.<

I play asThorn, so I need low sensitivity, because otherwise, I overshoot and can’t aim properly.

That’s not really standard aim assist, that’s more her weird lock on mechanic, and I think Miko’s healing beam kind of has the same trouble. Aim assist has really had any drawbacks for me, which I guess means it is doing its job.

Thorn is my second, I’d imagine you’d want that extra sensitivity to lead a strafing target or line up that fleeing enemy for the kill shot. You’ll find less enemies get away the faster you can turn and shoot.

On that note, my general melee tactic is to circle and strafe so my opponent can’t hit me while I destroy them with combos, with a lower sensitivity this would be less viable as you’d be more strafing than circling and ultimately you’d take a lot more damage and possibly lose the fight. With the assassin types at least - Rath, Phoebe and especially Deande (My main) - you can’t afford to get hit too much in combat. Phoebe perhaps less so an she has True Strike and can buff her defenses which helps her short range low arcing attacks, but if you stand still with Rath or Deande you’re bound to end the fight with low health making your escape treacherous.

Thorn is speedy, really speedy, if you can’t turn fast you can’t chase or flee as effectively as you might like and you’ll feel the weight of those losses that you feel you should have won.

Yeah it’s tough with too many folks talking but way harder to coordinate with large groups. You could do the community thing but It feels too slow atm. What about discord or kik?

Feel free to add me - recycledhuman

Yeah I’lol have to test out if there’s a difference without it. I’m not sure if that’s her ability or aim assist trying to “help” I wish there was a way to turn it off…

You can turn off aim assist in the menus.

Sorry no, I meant turn off the lock on on Reyna’s shield booster skill. I know about aim assist and that it can be turned off. I’m sorry for being unclear.

Oh ok lol.

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I don’t know what kik or discord is?

I’m probably not the best to describe them but basically just chat clients. Like Skype maybe?

I downloaded them on my phone for some of the groups I’m in - might help?

I’ll look into it, I have a large Battleborn chat on Fb haha then my PSN community.

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