Controller User Request: Move the ping button

Hello forum. I don’t really know if gearbox or whoever looks at these but I’m hoping they do. If not I’m hoping for suggestions other then switching to the keyboard. (my back starts to hurt when I use the keyboard too much and I have always used the controller)

Please move the ping button on the controller. There is no way for me to turn off my pings to my teammates in game and many of them have complained that the pinging has been rampant.

The button is currently located on the right stick on the controller. It pings when the stick is pressed in. That stick is also used to control the camera ( i do that a lot).

There is no remapping option for this except to swap it for an attack or some other function that is necessary.

I have reminded those that play with me that there is an option to turn down the ping sounds in the audio options menu, but they said they use the pings for tryhard games (LOL).

Open to suggestions.

You can manually map the buttons yourself. I currently have my ping button mapped to (O) on the PS3 controller I use. This is on PC (I have a software that lets me use a PS3 controller), so idk if it’s different on consoles.

i use ds4 windows in the pc to play with the controller.

Here is the conundrum:

DS4 windows lets me make macros and such and remap but the game see’s that I have a controller and assumes that I want to use one of it’s mappings. It’s a PS4 controller.

In your OP you asked if they could move it at first, so I thought that’s what you wanted. I highly doubt they’ll add a feature to let you disable a “function”. I’m surprised you like your quick melee on (O), almost every FPS I’ve every played has conditioned me to like it on (R3).

Ill try swapping that with the quick attack?

This is actually the first fps I’ve played other then doom lol.

Other then this all I play is darksouls 1 2 and 3 and bloodborne and demon souls.

I moved the ping to the reload button location and everyone is thanking me. So thank you lol.

step 1: switch ping with quick melee
step 2: ???
step 3: profit

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