Controller Vibration Bug / Issue

Both Borderlands 2 and Pre-sequel have a controller vibration bug on Xbox One (at least for the digital install). The controller doesn’t vibrate at all after install. Regardless if I turn Per-Shot Vibration under Options - Controller, the vibration feature is broken. Please fix ASAP. This totally affects overall game experience.

UPDATE 5/19:
Per @Kitty_Jo, there will be an update with various bug fixes. The list for Pre-sequel a lot longer. I’m glad the controller vibration issues were at least addressed (for both BL2 & TPS…see General notes).

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Hi @ggvic! The team is aware of the issue and currently investigating it. Thanks for the heads up!

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Please fix this issue quickly!!!

it takes so much away from what is otherwise an awesome experience

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Any update on this? Ive tried several times to contact you guys about this, incl your support service and no one has gotten back to me. This is my first borderlands game and ive yet to play it due to this bug. Thinking of refunding it tomorrow if this issue continues to be ignored.


Hi @EcKuLz-

No updates at the moment, but you can rest assured that the issue isn’t being ignored.

Will it be included in this next update? I’m new to the Borderlands and this glitch is the only thing keeping me from completely engaging

Sorry but how can I be assured when you guys haven’t even mentioned it in your “knowledge base”. In fact the only mention of you guys being aware is coming from this thread only. Assuming this current patch releasing soon doesn’t include a fix, it sounds like any progress on this is still weeks away.

Really not happy so far. You guys have concentrated sorely on fixing a bug (rank transfer) that only people that have already played the game have.

As I said, ill give until tonight before ill being getting my money back. First impressions last.

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Having this added to the Knowledge Base. Thanks for the heads up that it isn’t there!

EDIT: here’s the KB article:

I’ve the same problem on my physical copy. Please fix it fast. :disappointed_relieved:

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Seriously, I hope they make this a priority man it’s freaking ridiculous 10 days without vibration in a shooting game?

But the strange thing is that, it happens only to a few player. Anyway the vibration is so much important in a shooting game. I’ve payed my game and i want vibration.

Really? That is strange, I’ve read people complain on both consoles. I totally agree I spent $65 and have yet to been able to really enjoy the experience…please please please fix this sooner tather than later

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Now i’m playing at pre sequel and vibration work so only in borderlands 2 doesn’t work… :frowning:

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So deflating man, personally this is my first time experiencing borderlands so I’m hell bent on playing through 2 first. Come on Gearbox…

Still no fix for vibration… :frowning: how long does it take??


They hate us…

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Yeah It gets very annoying I always play with vibration and now I can’t.

having the same problem xbox one, is there a fix for this? anything worked for anyone!!!

ALERT: It appears to stop working after you enter “fight for your life mode” i hope that helps. PLEASE fix this, controller feedback is so crucial to this game!!!

Please gearbox this really does need fixing!! Having your controller vibration turn off randomly after 10 minutes totally ruins the experience and I have to go all the way back to the menu and go back to the game just to make it turn back on please fix this asap!!!