Controlling Ninja Turtle spawns easily video

I figured this out a year or two ago as I farmed the turtles endlessly for Storm Fronts. Make the farm trivially easy for a Siren. Never saw anyone else post this, so I finally recorded it. Recorded in NVHM to focus on the technique and not the fighting.
Basic strategy:
Jump down, stop.
Run just past the edge of the metal grating you landed on, immediately backpedal.
One ninja will appear.
Phase lock and Kill it.
Wiat for Phase lock to regen.
Run past edge, backpedal.
Next ninja spawns.
Rinse and repeat.
YouTube vid


Thanks! I will need to test this out when getting xp for leveling Maya from op8/lvl 72 to to op8/lvl 80 as i was thinking of where i would do this with Maya. Killing turtles i think will give 20K+ xp for each run and that’ll get Maya to lvl 80 in a few hours i think.

This type of method also works pretty well with Fastballs, for those classes without access to Phaselock.

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I just did it at lvl 78 and each Ninja gave me about 6,500 xp.

26K of xp…about what the Bunker was giving me with each kill. Thanks for the update!

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Deputy Sal can take them all out as they spawn if you hit your crits as well.