Controlling Ships in the "ResourceSphere"

Sorry if I’m being a bit old fashioned, calling it the resourcesphere and all.

I was wondering if anyone yet had found a part of the function call in the addsquadron map command that allows you to tell the objects in the map to do something other than sit there.

Sure, rocks, debris, stuff with no engines or guns, it’s gonna sit there, np. I do miss, however, those little karos graveyard guns that just blazed like holy hell at whatever came in range. We’ve got them back, but they don’t shoot anymore.

I know something like that is possible, though I don’t know if it’s controllable. Any time I put kadeshi multibeam frigates on a map they go straight for player1 and start blasting. Sure I’d rather “go for whatever player comes in sensor range” but meh, I can use it.

Just looking for a number to set that turned ships from defensive tactics to aggressive tactics. (Someone I know found out they’re not braindead, just in defensive tactics when he force fired at one ship of a bunch and a dozen others that happened to be around gang tackled him)

Also is there a way to get non player ships to wander around the map? Would love to have some of those tankers from hw2 mission 2 just roaming about.


I don’t believe it’s possible to get this kind of behavior in the kind of map that anyone could join and download as a standard map. I might be wrong though, I’m not sure what’s going on with the multibeam frigates for instance. I’m curious if you’ve tested that in multiplayer or just in skirmish? Either way, I’m pretty confident that it could be done as part of a small mod that adds new logic to the gametype, though. If that’s a route you want to go down, I might be able to help point you in the right directions.