Controls for the Discerning Older Vault Hunter

This is just a proposal for how I think the classic control scheme in BL3 should work on Xbox. I’m not the first to want to tweak “classic”, but haven’t seen this exact set-up put forward. If this is actually possible please let me know.

The controls should be identical to “classic” except:
• Tapping Y = Point. [this is how I currently play]
• Reselecting the currently held weapon on the D-pad = Change Weapon Mode.
• Holding Y+D-pad has the “default” function - maybe make Y+UP = emote.
• Y at vending machine/Catch-a-Rides etc. still has the alternative function.

Probably superfluous fuller explanation:
UP = First Weapon Y+UP = emote?
DOWN = Second Weapon Y+DOWN = Change Weapon Mode
LEFT = Third Weapon Y+LEFT = Change Mission
DOWN = Fourth Weapon Y+RIGHT = Change Mission

If First Weapon is held: UP = Change Weapon Mode
If Second Weapon is held: DOWN = Change Weapon Mode
If Third Weapon is held: LEFT = Change Weapon Mode
If Fourth Weapon is held: RIGHT = Change Weapon Mode

Currently I’ve given up on alternative fire weapons, customising vehicles and resigned to slow restocking ammo.