Controversial Opinion: Mayhem Mode 10 is NOT for you

As a response to this thread and a common view among some players on this forum:

If you need top gear and specific annointments to play MM10, Mayhem 10 is not for you.

It’s fair to say that GBX made a mistake in balancing MM by buffing weapons instead of reducing the buffs to enemies in MM. They also probably should have introduced MM after the final level cap, like OP levels in BL2. But that genie’s out of the bottle now, and in responding to the concerns of the community’s complaints about balance, they’ve completely negated the point of Mayhem Mode and it’s enemy buffs: to provide a challenge for players who want that.

They’ve buffed skills and weapons to satisfy some players who think MM10 is for them, when it really isn’t. MM10 feels easier now than NVHM. It’s a LOT easier than NVHM if you do a story mission-only or play a few levels behind the game. And that’s really upside-down. MM10 shouldn’t be easier than NVHM.

We heard exactly the same complaints about BL2’s UVHM from exactly the same types of players: it’s too hard, bla, bla, bla. Same with Digistruct Peak.

At least once or twice a week for years, someone would create a topic titled “I need a 94 Sham”. or “I need a Norfleet.” This same type of player now wants the Boss Loot Event to be permanent because they need guaranteed dedicated legendary drops, because apparently they can’t play MM10 without specific annointments. MM10 isn’t for you.

When Borderlands 3’s equivalent of OP8 is a lot easier than being slightly under-leveled in NVHM, something has gone awry, and that something is average to below average players complaining that the game is too hard and they want the Min/Max Holy Grail as a default drop, as is consistent with the history of complaints about Borderlands games.

GBX has bent over backward to make this game as easy as Farmville for you, and now the whole MM exercise is pointless b/c MM10 is as easy as MM0 (using MM0 gear). Mayhem Mode is not for average players. If you want the game to feel like MM0, then play MM0. The whole thing is screwed now, because once you start playing MM10, you’re stuck with it because of the weapon buffs. You can’t play the game without the goofy arena modifiers, because the gear is OP at MM0. And now you want guaranteed dedicated legendary drops because you need both top gear AND specific annointments? You need to be playing MM0.

Guaranteed dedicated legendary drops , SMH. This completely negates a defining characteristic of Borderlands games. GBX needs to stop listening to those types of players and make the game they want to make, as they did with BL2.

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I mean, not that I don’t get the spirit behind this at least (people could do to realize most builds in most content don’t absolutely require the best of the best gear and anoints) but it’s still disingenuous to make this a “you’re not good enough to play here” issue.

If we’re being honest, anoints are what we build around in BL3, and there is no dedicated drop for anointments. Not having an anointment that works for your build on a weapon invalidates that weapon in many cases. To offset the randomness of anointment spawns, you do need more drops in general. It’s only been a few days, but I’ve already seen several people who have finally gotten an item with the stats/anointments they’ve been looking for after grinding for weeks if not months for some farms. Is it really that bad of a thing?

Remember, according to the June Bordercast, Mayhem 10 is just supposed to be a gear check, that was the stated purpose of Mayhem 2.0 by one of the devs I think it was Grant). OP levels were a gear check as well since the enemies got massive damage reduction, but you could argue there was some skill component to clear the peak. Mayhem has no such barrier, if you have the gear you move up. And by having the gear, of course that means the gear with the anointments.

It’s a common complaint on this forum for a reason. You can always disagree with it, but you should really do so based on the argument’s own merits and not by this veiled “git gud” strawman. Because not for nothing, but we’ve had some truly ridiculous positions supported on this forum for the sake of “keeping the game hard”; things that now that GB is changing course on, people are coming back to and enjoying the game.

What reason do you have, aside from the supposed skill level of the players making these requests, to not want this event to remain in the game? Let’s start there to get an actually discussion going rather than one of those silly reddit hot takes.


What is the point of this thread?

Are players supposed to read this and say “Damn he’s right, I guess I’ll stop playing M10 because some guy on the internet said so…” :joy:

Or are you low-key bragging about how badass you are, because you don’t need top gear to play? :thinking:

Congrats bro :clap: But let people do what they want.

(IMO I don’t see anything good or worthwhile coming out of this thread…)


this is most gatekeepy thread ive ever read. m10’s issues aren’t tied to player skill.

  1. You don’t need the annointments to wreck with the skill buffs. All the classes except Flak wreck on MM10 wreck both mobs and bosses. It is EASIER than NVHM was with these skill buffs and weapons. It’s way easier than a mission-only playthough. That’s without any particular annointment. I’m not saying that annointments don’t play into damage, but you don’t need a specific annointment for Top Gear.

  2. It is almost impossible to die. Since early June, I’ve died, but only by misjumping or falling off cliffs. I’ve only bled out a few times. I’ve been downed only occasionally playing Amara and Zane, and even Flak, who is fragile and goes down a lot, never bleeds out because his spiderant saves him.

  3. [quote=“boombumr, post:2, topic:4543240”]
    “you’re not good enough to play here”
    [/quote] That’s what it is. It’s been that on this forum and it’s predecessor for 11 years. It’s exactly the same complaint and argument that we’ve seen from the same types of players for every game. Same type of players flipped about UVHM. They were angry. They threw tantrums. It was the same with every nerf. The wars that went on in the old forum in the first 6 months of Bl2. . . . epic.

Permanent guaranteed dedicated legendary drops are anti-Borderlands. Just allow the less experienced and new to Borderlands players to load a leveled character with perfect gear or something.