Conversations between Vault Hunters (Spoilers)

A silly little thread to post your ideas of the Vault Hunters interacting with each other. Spoiler tag incase anyone wants to post something from late in the game.

Amara: Okay, we’re at the Athenas vault. Zane, hand me the key

Zane: Smek smek huh, it does taste like sour apple. Weird.

Amara: Did, did you seriously lick the vault key!?

Zane: Why, you want a go?

Amara: No! Why would you think that!?

Moze: …reaches out but Amara smacks her hand away

Fl4k: Mr.Chew would like a taste.

Amara: Enough! We’re opening the vault. Lord, what Maya must think of us…

Maya: Doubled over, crying as she wheezes laughing