Convert Exp to Credits at 100

While I think many can agree that reaching one hundred comes too quickly (About 220 PvP matches depending on performance) I think it is clear that the rewards are lackluster.

Many people quit after 100 because there is no longer a feeing of progress or reward. The infrequent command pack drops stop all together and you’re left with no reward other than a few credits and character exp (unless you’ve already mastered the 5-6 characters you personally really like.)

What makes it sillier is that we continue completing challenges that award command exp.

I think a simple fix would be to have some or all earned command exp at 100 covert to extra credits so we can buy more packs that won’t have skins or taunts in them because rngesus is evil.

Giving level 100 players more incentive to keep playing will help keep the flagging community alive.


This I can agree with

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