Cookie if you can find the bug!

you only get one shot ;D

Is this after refreshing your Friends list?


I was gonna say “Fohg playing BB on PC”?

Lol. Found it. Where’s my cookie?

you got to type it out to get the cookie ;3

But then that’ll ruin the puzzle. Someone in your party was said to be playing Incursion in your friend list

Not one but two people were listed as being in a match. That’s due to the faxt that the list probably wasn’t refreshed to show the current status. If it was refreshed and still displayed this it would be a bug.

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Oh I just stopped at the first.

I see tyknighter gets around xD

…I need to take that cookie back the bug was that two people were in the game but me and storm weren’t with them.

ya been friends with him for about 4 months now