Cookies! Om nom nom

I have one question, and one question only: Golden Oreos, or the Original kind?

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Answer: Turtle Cheesecake flavor.

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Just add that I found a worm inside a package of Oreos once, bought at Walmart. Prefer Chips Ahoy.

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Wasn’t it enough already that we’ve talked about gross stuff earlier? ;p

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There’s never enough grossness on the internet.

Hahaha, true. Happened to me a couple of times.

But, Chips Ahoy FTW.

You sure about that?

There’s more being added every day ;p

Yeah, and they are called youtube comments.


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I eat generic cookies, so yeah…

Favourite cookies:
Chocolate covered Hobnobs
Bourbon Creams
Golden Oreos
Chocolate digestives
Ginger snaps

My wife makes the best chocolate chip cookies though.

And NO oatmeal raisin abominations!

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Yikes. Guess worms like Oreos too…

I have had many betrayals in my life, but the most painful one is that of picking up a cookie expecting chocolate chip, then biting into it to discover that it was oatmeal raisins. I trusted that cookie to be absolutely amazing and to help sustain me, but alas, it was a cruel trick.

…anyway, I can make some pretty kickass sugar or chocolate chip cookies. My specialty, however, is the best apple pie you would ever eat. The recipe is inside an ancient cookbook that has been passed down two generations of my family, and it indeed is the best goddamn apple pie you would ever eat.

Chocolate chocolate chip. Aww yiss.

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Then you went back to the supermarket to make the cookies aisle EXPLODE?!?!?!?! xD

Want to figure out why people hate oatmeal raisins cookies, they are delicious. Plus, raisins help you to improve your memory. AND THEY ARE GODDAMN DRIED GRAPES. DRIED GRAPE SALADS!!!

Oatmeal raisin FTW.

Oreos are $&@%ing nasty. Two artificial chocolate flavored crackers (that are as dry as ash) with shortening in between. That’s not a cookie it an attack.

They’re not my favorite cookie, but they’re alright. The hate mostly comes from the fact that one could easily confuse them for chocolate chip, then be disappointed when it isn’t.

Tina, is that you?

You can usually smell the difference in oatmeal cookies and chocolate chip. Very distinct.