Cool abilities you'd like to see on upcoming or existing Battleborn

What cool, new abilities would you like to see in the game?

Some things I’d like:

  • An ability that grants damage reduction to others, whether a beam-like ability or one-shot deal. I know that overshield is a bit like this in theory.

  • Hyperspeed. I love running around w/ the speed booster (in PvE). It’d be fun to be Lightning McQueen in PvP too.

  • A mobility grappling hook.

  • “Charming” of minions - change them to your side temporarily. Not for use on players…would cause so much rage.

etc. Not calling for any these. Just a passin’ the time…

Spits in spittoon

I would like to see some of the Borderlands abilities incorporated into a new character or existing one.

though Shane and Aurox going invisible and coming out with an explosion feels like the siren ability from the first game.

Oscar Mike:
Helix: +30% movement speed while cloaked
Helix: +6 second duration
Gear: Trail Blazers or other movement gear
Gear: Go-Go Juice or other sprint/movement gear
Gear: Hate Reflector or anything else with sprint/movement

Lightning McQueen when you cloak. It’s worth trying at least once, trust me! Granted the gear would be expensive but I’ve run similar to that in PvP (ie move/sprint gear stacking) and you can basicallly make it from your spawn to theirs while cloaked making it easy to cheese their sentry with a quick ult, nade, fire, recloak, and run away.

Ive been thinking bout a character who can control gravity, and an ability that comes to mind is to disable jumping or airborne BB. not like a bind or a stun but something to ground and limit the opponent to just lateral movement. Also those already in the air for whatever reason take damage proportionate to how high up they are when the hit the ground. I already know slow does this {well it limits their jumping} but this can be used to help a melee catch an opponent.

On that thread, one who could “toss” his/her teamates around for boosts, saves, etc. would be fun.

Passives I would like to see.

  • When hit with a Slow CC effect it hastens instead (Slows have an opposite effect)
  • Infrared Vision (can see through stealth. Deals increased damage on stealthed enemies)
  • Builder (Natural Buildables discount, can give bonus effects to buildables via helix, DoT Damage on Healing Stations, Burn DoTs on Stingers, Silences on Shock Turrets, Wound on Thumpers, Shields/Movement Speed on Elite Bots, Blinds on Accelerators, etc…bah, now I want a character like this fml.
  • A character that self-destructs upon death as a passive ability…can increase damage and AoE via Helix along with leaving AoE’s behind etc.

So much they can do. :slight_smile:

Alani’s Full Saturation helix makes full Osmosis Wellspring grant 30% DR for 3 seconds (and it’s way better than the other 2 options at that level), and she can gain Osmosis stacks pretty quickly when she’s fully set up.

Alani’s Riptide, by default, gives an (admittedly small) speed boost to allies that touch the puddle (does it also gives a bonus to attack speed?), though I don’t think that’s quite what you’re asking for.

I agree that a well and true speed buff on par with the pick-up speed item would be pretty cool.

The problem I see with this is that it provides a lot of vertical and horizontal mobility on a single ability. Of course, it could also be done as a kind of alternate Pounce-type ability (in which you shoot a grapnel, have it retract a bit and swing to a targeted location) to prevent it from doing too much in the way of mobility (would actually be a really cool alt-fire ability, especially if it could be helixed into a pull/slow/drag).

The problem I see with this is that it has a lot of potential for being very powerful that probably means that it would be so heavily restricted that it ends up being pretty much irrelevant. Imagine, in PvP, being able to charm the Thralls or Elite bots: that would be crazy powerful, especially if you do it in the middle of a fight (such that it gets wailed on by your allies while also attacking its own allies). This means that it would probably be limited to just charming minions.

What I could see being really cool would be a confusion effect that causes the target (players included) to treat everything as an enemy. Imagine throwing that on a Rath mid-Dreadwind and a Galilea while she’s in the middle of a melee and having them accidentally kill the other, or using it on a healer to prevent them from healing any of their allies (since you can’t heal enemies). If it’s done properly, people could even end up attacking their own allies of their own volition if they only pay attention to their UI instead of who they’re attacking (or their ally and enemy are identical).

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A raising ability like on Borderlands 2 with Rez.

Also not really an ability persay but just the ability to customize stats on your character, similar to bad ass rankings in BL2. I’d think that’d be awesome in PvP, could split the game modes to feature with or without if it was a hassle to people who felt it cheap

i wanna get a character that can make themselves big and small. Small like Shayne and big like Montana so you can control the body blocking. The body block is a strong tactic

A character with mines of various CC. His helix is just full off CC that’s difficult to land. And he has no stuns or easy slows. I’d also like for a character who can shoot a beam that’s not autoaim.

Hoverboard, like the Spy is NeoTF, gosh that was fun. :smile:

They tried minion control in HotS, it got nerfed and buffed so many times before it got scrapped.

A gravity dude would be awesome. Places jump free zones that can be helixed to slow or launch at the last second. Other ability would be… Slow walls? Iunno. Have his main attack a minor damage knockback pulse (beam would be too easy to shove off ledges). Or a chargeable ball of push! Still low damage. Alt attack a pull that just slows if they’re running away. Grav bomb ult that’s like Kleeses, but pulls everyone into the air and holds them for 1.5 sec before dropping them straight down. Or something that gradually pulls them in over five seconds, rather than a yank.

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A Risk-Reward character with a passive that increases their damage as their health decreases, maybe having helix choices that add cool down, skill damage, or movement speed to the passive. Also their skills could drain their shields, when full, in exchange for added effects.

Or a saboteur character with a passive to boost friendly buildables built, and damage against enemy buildables, maybe having a skill that allows them to take over an enemy’s buildable for a short time, or to overcharge a friendly buildable. Also make their attacks repair a buildables health.

I want to see a LLC character that can build/ minions and turrets and be a controller on the battlefield. They could have a ray gun that doesn’t have a reload time but will over heat and it does constant damage like Toby’s ray gun but faster over over heat than Montanas I have made a helix for her and everything look and all

Would love to make whiskey to have like bloodsplosion and cycle between his kit so he truly(?) has combat rythm.

Not an ability but I’d like to see a heavy shield based (so like 1600/450 S/H pools - random late game numbers), semi auto rifle (fast as you can pull the trigger) user that works around shield penetration, shield delay, and shield recharge.

Maybe his/hers/its skills and helix can turn the weapon’s ammo into shots that recharge shields to allies when they get hit, charge your rifle for a short time to increase shield pen at increased ammo cost, a mobile battery that gives a small amount of shield pen to everyone within its radius, or a beacon that decreases shield delay and increases shield recharge rate.

It’s like a hybrid Reyna/Whiskey except normal shields and the weapon would be different. I think it’d be a fun hero to play.

I would like random drops in PVP that change the dynamic. Like “bouncing shots” or double explosions. Something along the lines of what they have in Borderlands. The bonus could pop up in random locations and last 10 seconds or something. Not too long or else people will get all btchy.

Or a grav-bomb that throws everyone affected away instead of gathering them up, with the potential for damage/stun if you hit terrain like other knockbacks? Could be super useful for saving an ally from being gang-ganked or dropping in the tunnel under the middle in Paradise or somewhere like that that has lots of collidable terrain :stuck_out_tongue:

A deployable turret as an ulty could be awesome. Or better yet, a deployable standard-grade turret as a standard skill with the ulty powering it up significantly. (Think Torbjorn from OW.)

[quote=“mondo1212, post:13, topic:1542895, full:true”]Or a saboteur character with a passive to boost friendly buildables built, and damage against enemy buildables, maybe having a skill that allows them to take over an enemy’s buildable for a short time, or to overcharge a friendly buildable. Also make their attacks repair a buildables health.

The problem with this character is that they would basically be useless in PvE. A character designed entirely around manipulating buildables is worthless when there are no buildables around (which is a vast majority of PvE). The only possible way this could be made legitimate in PvE is if they have the ability to drop a turret of their own that they can buff (though it still leaves the enemy turret manipulation largely irrelevant) but the problem then becomes how this gets balanced in PvP if they’re able to buff their own turret in a useful way while also being able to buff friendly turrets and mess with enemy turrets (which means that they’re really powerful in PvP).