Cool abilities you'd like to see on upcoming or existing Battleborn

To be honest, I wasn’t even thinking about pve, but there are still tons of buildables like the traps, companion robots, and turrets. Maybe the character can have the ability to control enemy robot spawners or the thrall anchors, allowing them the ability to spawn friendly minions. Also they could be able to repair mission objectives, such as the sentry companions, or defense points.

There are a lot of buildables in certain locations, but there are very few in many areas. A character built around maintaining/augmenting buildables would be incredibly powerful when the many buildables are present but have a bunch of utterly useless skills when they are not present (compare the Jailer Hylis, which has 3 extremely well placed turrets and 2 well placed traps, to the Sentinel, which has a single trap, in a really bad place, for each of the 2 minibosses and no buildables whatsoever for the Old Sentinel).

This would get very OP, very quickly, given how the anchors and 'bot spawners are destructible: if they could bring in allied bots, they could very easily destroy the anchor, not to mention completely and totally dominating certain fights/encounters which are based almost entirely around the enemies spawned by those anchors/spawners.

Even with that ability, it’s still going to be useless in the areas which have absolutely no spawners, anchors, or buildables (such as the entire latter half of Algorithm).

[quote]Also they could be able to repair mission objectives, such as the sentry companions, or defense points.

If they could repair defense nodes and escorts, the character would basically become an effectively required character for that map. The inability (or extremely limited ability; iirc, there’s only one instance in which a defended entity can heal at all, and that’s on Archive with the data minions) to heal defense nodes is one of the primary elements of difficulty for those missions (e.g. screwing up early on can basically prevent you from succeeding later on if you make any errors whatsoever). It would also mean that players would be clamoring for the character to also be able to heal the bots and sentries in PvP, creating a significant disconnect between PvP and PvE (e.g. the stuff you use/manipulate in PvP and PvE are almost entirely different).

I’d like to see them wave the “cleanse” wand like they did with Wound. Would be cool if multiple characters had ways to end CC early. Either for themselves or team mates.

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Valid points, in retrospect the character wasn’t a thoroughly thought out idea. Although I do like the idea of a character that could deploy a turret, maybe add affects like thw ones Roland an Axton had for thier turrets in BL , with one side of the helix focusing on support, such as giving it a shield or minor heals to nearby friendlies. And the other side focusing on damage, such as extra damage to shields or applying a slow effect to its shots from time to time. The only issue would be balancing the cooldown of the skill and the turrets health, making the cooldown to long would mean that the character would be left some what helpless without it, but giving it to much health would provide too much area control.

[quote=“mondo1212, post:24, topic:1542895, full:true”]Although I do like the idea of a character that could deploy a turret

Well, Ambra is a lot like that thanks to her sunspots: she has a bunch of helixes that tweak how they work and can even get the ability to heal them at rank 12.

It would be interesting to see a character that uses a turret more heavily than Ambra, however.

I could see an Eldrid botanist that throws a see to grow a Plants vs. Zombies style seed shooter plant that it can modify and buff with both its skills and helices (skill 1 throws out the “turret plant”; skill 2 is an attack that, if it hits the “turret plant” heals it; ult either throws out or mutates the existing turret plant into a super powered version; diff helices could make the turret). UPR could do it as pretty much an Axton clone. LLC could do it like Axton with bling and a stick up his ass. Rogues and Jennerit could do it with those factions’ personal flair.

The important thing is that the turret can’t be the entire focus of the character. It can be a major component, but the character needs to be able to operate without it.

The character would be very similar to kleese or ambra, and to extent toby, as these characters are amazing when they can set up and control an area, the only thing is they mostly focus on supporting allies through heals, shields or health, and do minor damage to enemies unless they chose the appropriate helix choices. The character I had in mind would focus more on area denial by setting up the turret to do damage and apply preasure to enemies, with support effects as added bonuses through helix choices. They could also have an aoe skill, albeit weaker than OM or Thorn, so it could be used as a hindrance to escaping enemies, or a deterrent to approaching enemies as the turret would be the skill that would do damage. The character should have decent dps so they aren’t useless without the turret, but make their damage drop off more severe, and a frequent need to reload, so they would need the turret to engage multiple enemies or those at a farther range. I do like the botonist idea as it has good character flavour, as I feel that the generic turret soldier has been played out already and would seem too generic amongst battleborns eclectic cast.

See it would be great

SO because I’m a huge BB freak, I think I figured this out <.<

Weapon: SMG. Full auto fire, but a quicker damage falloff at range than people like Oscar Mike or Whiskey Foxtrot have - however it pumps out bullets and reloads a bit faster so at close range, it can be more dangerous.

Skill 1: Deploy Turret. Can be upgraded with a magnetic clamp so s/he can deploy it on walls, ceilings etc for a better angle or a trickier placement to surprise the enemy with. Can also be upgraded to deploy more than one at a time. Lasts until killed or until s/he re-deploys it elsewhere. At low levels it’s less effective than the standard stinger turrets on the map, but can be upgraded to have better range, track and fire at stealthed targets, etc.
Skill 2: Repair Turret. Long enough cooldown that s/he can’t just sit there healing it up constantly, but effective enough that it could save the turret from death if it’s under fire for long enough that the attacker can be fought off/beaten.
Ultimate: Turret Jockey. S/he jumps onto the turret’s back and takes direct control of the aiming/firing, unlocking a second cannon and limitless ammo. HOWEVER as the turret is still stationary once deployed, if the player wants to help with a push around corners and such, they either have to deploy it somewhere risky, or drop the ult and help push with their team. If the turret is currently elsewhere or destroyed/undeployed, the ultimate auto-deploys it at his/her feet before activating Turret Jockey.

With that combo s/he fits the role as a territorial harasser/mid-to-short range attacker. I’d play 'em :smiley:

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Pretty much any non-melee weapon would work for the character. I’d probably make the alt-fire of the character a melee skill that repairs buildables (their own turret as well as other buildables) though (their own turret quickly). I can imagine it being the character just whacking it with a wrench (#totallynotrippingofftheTF2Engineer).

Being able to upgrade such that more than one can be deployed at a time is a huge advantage. I would probably restrict the second turret to either the character’s ultimate (e.g. “Second Turret” is their ultimate) or some helix that drastically diminishes the damage/health of all turrets in order to allow multiple to be thrown (like Miko’s helix that reduces the CD and hp of her ult-shroom, both by half).

I don’t really think that attempting to tie/compare the damage of the character to the existing turrets is particularly useful. I could imagine a helix choice at a level that allows you to turn the upgrade the turret into a stinger (e.g. it’s burst fire instead of single shots), thumper (e.g. fires missiles that slow but does significantly reduces total DPS; probably also reduce its hp for balance), or shock turret (e.g. reduces range but now has continuous fire that leaps to additional targets; probably also increase its hp for balance).

Basically, don’t compare its performance to the existing turrets; simply use the existing turrets for inspiration.

As I said before, I think this would work better as an alt-fire rather than a skill, unless you specifically make it a “heal to full” type skill. The only way a turret repair skill would be OP is if the functionality of the character is loaded too heavily on the turret, which is bad design. The turrets should act as an accompanying element rather than a defining element of their total performance (to put some math to it, the player should comprise 66-75% of total damage dealt, with the fully buffed turret doing 33% of total).

I actually think that a non-turret related skill (that’s still kind of gadget related) would be most apt so that the character doesn’t require a turret to accomplish anything other than doing their basic attack. Even if it’s as boring as a shrapnel grenade.

[quote]Ultimate: Turret Jockey.

That seems a little awkward, especially if you have mechanics that are intended to tweak the turret’s performance (e.g. increase turret accuracy).

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Soo, essentially Zyra from LoL?

I’d personally love to see a spider like Battleborn. One ability throwing out a web in an area that slows enemies inside it, but hastens the character, and another being an ability to place trap-door spider babies, or something. Ult could be spawning a large brood of spider babies to attack nearby enemies. (Sidenote, I actually have arachnophobia in real life, I just want to see more playable spiders in games for some reason.)

I have finished her

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I have a look for her a helix and mutations plus her backstory she is Isabella isics simulated wife bot