Cool and Funny DoK moments


Hey guys, I’m sharing a few images and videos that were captured by Sastrei from the tournaments and games we have on DoK.

I see you talking **** about me, do you think you can run?

(theoblivinator) #2

This one always seems to get people to chuckle.


“Thou shall not go up… and I mean it, try to get into space and an HCG will deal with you”

(Tren) #4

No one gonna comment on how much Rachel tanked…

Also I reckona HGC would make a fine lance fighter/laser corvette :yum:

(theoblivinator) #5

I was actually that little clip that led me to discover that Rachel will not fire the Orbital weapon on herself. I was trying to destroy her and the carrier at the same time, but there is some code that will make her move out of the way before firing the weapon.

(Tren) #6

That is just ability minimum range, same thing that stops artillery and siege cruisers firing point blank

(theoblivinator) #7

I made me have to find a new way to suicide her. Instead I had to use 85 mines and explode them all at once when she was next to them.


More Dok:

“Where do you think you are going?”

And “let me land, ffs”