Cool expoit... Toby can glitch through your teams wall

Yep, saw it earlier today, they pushed us back into our first sentry and nobody was around but our sentry kept taking damage…

Eventually I saw it… Toby glitched through the wall and was shooting our sentry without the sentry hitting them back… Nice one guys, I mean I’m sure it’ll take 50 years to patch because it’s totally cool that a character and glitch their body through walls and take shoots into the sentry… Cool beans…

I am so glad I spent 80 dollars on a game that is dead in terms of a playerbase and has loads of exploits…

So make sure all you cheesy players out there use this glitch to cheat because you know… why play fare…

Well considering this is only a one time thing so far, I don’t think it was an intentional exploit. Probably just glitched through or into the wall.

I don’t think Gearbox is to blame unless it’s a true exploit that can be repeated indefinitely. Many games have small glitches like that but they’re only one time issues.

If it does become an exploit then I’ll worry.

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no it was clearly intentional as he kept doing it all game long

Talk aobut salty.

Are you sure it wasn’t latency? Latency can actually give the illusion of that sort of thing happening when it really isn’t. We’d need more repeat cases of this happening. And in the time I’ve played Toby i’ve never been able to ‘glitch through a wall.’

The Toby in question (or you) may have had a high ping, and when that happens all sorts of visual weirdness can happen. My partner had a higher ping once and they kept ‘interrupting’ the menus of buildables that I was building because on my partner’s end they got there first.

And it’s not just this game I’ve seen latency ‘illusions’ and weirdness. You need to make sure that’s not what you’re seeing.

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I was in the Match,
Seemed like a Premade and they SEEMED, to be waiting to control that very spot.

It is not often 4 team Members have such Obvious Need to Control OUR window.
the Healer was even Hardcore Pushing to get in window.

Seemed Odd.
Also, Everyone says it but the whole team was DAMN Accurate!!!

Accuracy I can Live with,
“Friendly Sentry engaged” from WHERE!!! waste your time running around base looking, Cause well…you have to.
Sentry getting hit.

yep, exploits aplenty, probably the same group I faced as I haven’t seen anyone else use that exploit spot before.

So lets make it known so it can take gearbox an eternity to patch it…

I do have to admit, it was second game of the Day and I felt VERY lagged.

The Skill level, the teamwork and the Specfic Spot. Just seemed Odd.
Please look into it.

Posting in the forums unfortunately doesn’t notify them of the issues. They don’t have anyone roaming the forums for issues. They should but as it is now they don’t see everything that gets posted.

You’ll need to post a ticket with your match ID, screenshot, and/or video of the exploit.

Under “welcome” you will click submit a ticket:

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Seems like they found a new exploit then. Report it above with screenshots if possible, or video. I never had any player doing that in any game so far, so must be still rare.

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I’m not going through all that hassle to report an exploit, maybe they should fast track that report system they are talking about…

think it’s new, was a premade group of five, I’ve played against them quite a few times but the tactics they were using seemed new. And the fact our sentry kept taking dmg but nothing was there to dmg it. Then I saw Toby’s gun sticking out of the glass, followed by the Sentry taking damage. They were very aggressive with keeping that area locked down as well…

So it’s clearly an exploit must be something to do with the corner of the window not registering when Toby arm sticks out it… Similiar to how Oscar Mike’s Frag Granade can hit the Sentry on the other side with the fire, when the granade explodes in a certain spot…

I’ve seen a Benedict use that same exploit in someone’s video. Only a few people seem to know how to do it, and I don’t think the devs are aware of it yet because it’s actually pretty rare.
I feel your salt. I feed upon your salt. Give me all the salt :wink:

That’s cool. It was just a suggestion. It would help to fix the exploit is all I meant. That’s what the support form is for.

It’s also easier to track than the 100’s of threads talking about cheaters, glitches, exploits, etc.

It’s easier posting in the forums but it’s not as easily or regularly monitored by GBX. Probably for good reason though.

Maybe ask a mod to switch your thread to a BB Support category? That may help.

too much of a hassle to report the glitch… I’m shocked I wasn’t threatened with suspension again for posting something negative about the game… Not that it matters anymore for me, takes over 20 minutes to find a game on the PC…

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That’s a fairly serious exploit, thank God not many people know how to do it. If you don’t want the report it, I’ll at least tag GBX @JoeKGBX @Jythri for you.

yes admittedly I’ve only seen maybe 2 people use that particular glitch, although I suspect that team which I faced probably do it fairly often, as I played against that particular team a few times…