Cool Gaige Stories

So, I was going up against Saturn solo with Gaige I was about level 25 when I did it. So I was gonna get demolished.
But using a balance of incendiary weapons purely to build up stacks since they barely deal damage against loaders and going to town with corrosive weapons using said stacks. I emerged victorious.
I did summon DT a few times just to charge my shield if it was taking too long. But after about an hour and a bit, I managed to take out Saturn without so much as a scratch. Okay, I took a good mauling once or twice. But Cooking Up Trouble may have fixed that.

Anywho, if you guys have any other fun experiences using Gaige. Feel free to post 'em here.

I don’t know of this counts.

My best friend’s girlfriend plays as Gaige, and every time she falls in some sort of harmful substance, we all imitate the sound as a group.

She doesn’t appreciate it.


I’m fine with that counting, just made this to share fun stuff about/around Gaige.

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Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t derailing your thread.

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^ oh man, I forgot about that thread :thumbsup:

I got Deathtrap up to 461 Upshot Robot stacks with a full timer and maybe a third of his health on Wam Bam Island at that point in the story with the never-ending Varkids, but couldn’t get him to the next enemy encampment in time to take any other advantage of it. Still fun though.

One good place to stack Upshot Robot is in the Warrior arena. When UVHM was first launched me and my brother did the story again, killed the Warrior and then DT started to shock down Rakks.

In the end, we went to church, did a lot of another things and DT leveled us up to 61 haha

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Just out of curiosity… What kind of harmful substances does your best friend have lying around for his girlfriend to fall into?

Yep… I’ll be here all week! :laughing:

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If that night was any indication it is apparently Kraken Rum.