Cool$hit and rare things you've come across in ACM?

HideyHo oldtimers and newcomers-Just continuing this one from the old forum.If someone could drag that thread over it would be nice.If not-feel free to leave a comment on any cool$hit or rare things you’ve come across good or bad. ; )

Had a cool■■■■ moment tonight on mission 3 Sulaco Falls.The engine room I believe where all the water is leaking onto the floor below.Right after you weld thru the door and the WY guys start firing at us…We start blasting um and that 1 Alien Crawls up and kills the WY guy…Usually I kill the Alien and move forward but tonight the Alien got away kinda–and proceeded to crawl under the metal grated platform where I couldn’t see which way he went…So im kinda running around the bend-pull up my motion tracker for a second but then I just turned around and Holy■■■■-it scared the hell outa me.It was like 2 feet away and I blasted the hell out of it with the PulseRifle and busted its head open.It was very cool.The Aliens will take different routes when the opportunity presents itself.I wish we could of brought the "Cool■■■■"thread over from the old forum.I had so many kicka$$ moments on that thread.I cant remember half of um now.WtF…Bull■■■■!!! :rage:

Ok–I gotta add 2 on here–Tonight --Mission 10 Derelict Reclaimed…The area where all the eggs and mist are…I took the broke catwalk way and Oneil and Hicks took the mist way–An Egg opens and jumps at Oneil–he catches it and the FaceHuggers legs are squirming trying to face hump him–I looked down and used the FlameThrower and toasted the FaceHugger as Oneil was holding it.–flaming up on fire and Oneil threw it on the ground(andy Sanburg) as it screamed …BaddA$$-----------2nd Cool$hitt moment tonight–same Mission–Towards the end of the mission where all the Lurkers and Warrior Aliens attack b4 we get outside and grab the smartgun…A Lurker pounced on Hicks or some1 else and the Alien got sprayed with bullets and kinda gets off Hicks–I dropped a Firebomb on it from the pulserifle and it just went down arms flailing…The cool$shitt moment was the shadow of the Alien on the wall dying…The shadow of it dying in contrast to the bright orange Flames looked outstanding-- awesome–KickA$$ detail

Played ACM from start to finish tonight-I For the Life of ME cannot see how anyone cannot Love this Game–This game is the shittt–I had so many coolshit moments happen tonight–A lot of them I wrote about on the old forum but happened tonight again…Loved the Hell out of it tonight…Thankful to Gearbox and TimeGate for such and Authentic Aliens game that Truly makes me feel like im in the Movie sequal to Aliens…Please make more

Its a great game mate the problem is many people still think its ■■■■, it was ■■■■ things change.

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Played Mission 10 Derelict Reclaimed Lastnight…Had 2 KickAss moments happen…Near the area where we pick up the 2ND FlameThrower walking thru the corridors/scientists stuck on the walls–The Lurker that jumps on the wall-then jumps on us and tries to French kiss us…I used the Shotgun/electric stun shot on him…so he was stuck on the wall while the blue current is running thru him…Then Blasted his Head open-with that awesome sound of acid spraying out…He slid/dropped of the wall to the ground and Melted Green…Was Badda$$…No chance ; )

2nd Kicka$$ Moment–Mission 10 again–a bit further into it–Close to the GUN area…Theres a Lurker that kinda is Hidden near the stairs that go up that leads us to going back outdoors who jumps at us out of nowhere…This happened so quick-made me jump/scare…The Lurker is getting ready to jump on me so I try toast it with the Flamethrower and the Alien is Burning up turning orange and Jumps at me…it was literally right at my face-O’neal or Hicks out of nowhere just spray it with their PulseRifles and the Aliens Head explodes and justs drops to the right of me as its Lit up orange from my Flamethrower…Looked like Orange and Green Acid mixed exploding…Definatly deserves mention…Thats it for now…

Well, it changed only for PC players. And it only changed BECAUSE PC players. Console players are still stuck with the original failure

LoL Jake–Whats wrong now?I love ACM on PS3…Id rather play ACM on PS3 then a PC anyday…The viabration controllers really add to the experience…Makes it better then PC IMO…It changed a lot on the PS3 after Graphic/Details/improvments to glitches etc…If you play campaign and have some coola$$ $hit happen while playing…Add it on here…

You can play ACM on PC with a 360 or every compatible Controller, incl. vibration. :wink:

With mods. $hits happening every 2 minutes. Because the Aliens are Aliens right now, fast and deadly. Last weekend, I played ACM on the PS3. It was a bit like Moorhun. I forget how bad this game was on release. :joy:

Consoles never, NEVER, got a gfx update. They tried to fix some of the clipping, some fire rates, and some hit damage. But it never got a gfx update. Check their own patch notes if you don’t want to take my word for it. Anything “improved” is opinion or mind games.

Now, does the PC look closer to what this game was supposed to be? Absolutely! Apples and bricks different. But the consoles are the same, low res, stand inside bishops head, texture pop in, look out into space through the light fixture mess it was at launch. But, you take less damage on easy and the submachine gun reloads faster.

Lets all stop the console wars and go back to reading the rules.


Had a Moment Lastnight on Mission 3…The end of the mission after you Arm all the Emergency releases…Then you just Blast all Aliens and WY guys until you decide to run to the Dropship …So im Blasting as many Aliens and WY guys as I can…I dropped a Firebomb from my PulseRifle attachment from above on the catwalk down onto a couple Aliens down below…But it was the timing of it that deserves a mention tonight…I dropped the firebomb right on top of the this Alien right as it attempted to jump up on the catwalk to attack me…The Aliens will keep jumping up there to kill you until you come down…So the Firebomb hit it and explodes right as the Alien jumped and it actually was getting Burned alive like 10 feet in the air…The Aliens body went Limp half way up and just crashed down with a fire trail to the ground and Burned up and Melted green…Definatly deserves a mention…Loving this damn game

Had a Rare thing happen a week or 2 ago–Mission 5 The Raven Mission-Halfway thru the mission right B4 you meet up with O’neal-Theres an area you enter where 2 Boiler Aliens are below and you have to jump across the broken catwalk to hit the switch to make the boilers blow up…Well I messed up the jump and fell below where the 2 Boiler Aliens are.They kinda surrounded me freaking me out thinking they were going to bust-But they didn’t…So I used the torch to unweld the door which leads right to Oneal in the tunnel/Pipe area…Where he says "Hey–almost out"Goodtalk"Right as Oneal starts talking to me,the Boilers started running over to us and O’neal just started unloading the PulseRifle on the Boiler Aliens and they exploded…Not sure if it was from his pulserifle or just them doing there thing when they hear noise.Not sure how I got to torch the door without them exploding B4 it opened but they didn’t.Thats the 1st time I ever messed up the jump and fell below–Pretty Rare tho and pretty cool…

Quick 1 tonight…Had a coolshit moment happen tonight…I have always loved the way you can bust open an Aliens head and the acid goes spraying out -but tonight I stunned an Alien with the Shotgun/stun shot…Then blasted 1 time with the shotgun and took off an Aliens ENTIRE Head…I don’t recall seeing that a lot…I looked close at the Alien and I didn’t see any part of its Head left…Neck down melted green.I don’t think that happens a lot.It was pretty cool to see.

Watched Promethius 3D with my girl lastnight–Felt like blasting some Aliens after.Had a Cool■■■■ moment on Mission 3 Sulacco Falls lastnight–The room where the Metal grated platform above the Leaking water/ pooling water breaks and you fall below into the water…Thats where it happened…B4 we fall down into that water–we have that FireFight with the WY Guys and a few Aliens…We killed all the WY guys and Aliens and Im moving forward and take the fall into the water --Right as im walking forward to where the 1st Alien comes out of the water below–1 of the WY guys fell from above right in front of me and landed in the water…Kinda made me jump–wasnt expecting it.I thought it was an Alien at 1st that maybe we didn’t kill.I think when we killed that WY guy-he must of fell onto the metal railing…kinda possibly hanging over it and eventually just fell off-His weight must of shifted…Rare for sure…Ive killed WY guys on other run-thrus that have fallen onto the Railing and fell into the water…But it never happened like this where the timing of their fall made them fall right in front of me when I was in the water …Cool■■■■ moment

Had 1 a couple nights ago–Mission 3 Sulacco Falls–End of Mission FireFight by the Dropship with Aliens and WY guys attacking-Upper Level after releasing clamps for the Dropship…Dropping Fire Bombs and unloading with the pulserifle on the Aliens below…They kept jumping up to get us…O’neal was up there with me–Anyway–im blasting away–ran out of Ammo…was reloading when another Alien jumped up–but I didn’t know it…Didnt see it jump up-…So I hear it Hissing/screaming at me coming from the side Jumpscared me Bad-- and all of a sudden O’neal opens Fire on it-Busted its Head open Acid noise spraying out- the Impact from Oneals PulseRifle took it over the edge where theres no railing looking down in the middle(Directly looking at the Dropship) and it slammed into the ground…Badd A$$-Didn’t see it coming–then just seeing it fall was pretty cool-Loving it