Cool idea for what trinkets could have been

Trinkets. They are useless. I personally don’t even like using them because they are obtuse, ugly, and distracting. I mean it’s great Gearbox wanted to give us more customization but these felt so tact on, ya know?

But what if they did something? People have given ideas before but I only recently thought of this, tell me what you think.

Trinkets allow you to modify weapon parts. Every trinket changes a different part for every weapon type AND manufacturer (so you’d have to experiment a bit). This would be cool because it would allow you some control over the ridiculous weapon part RNG. I mean if you want a Hellwalker, well fine it comes in 1 flavor. But say you want a rad/fire Abundant Insider (extra mags) with parts that boost charge time. Well, ■■■■ you buddy! Good luck getting that.

Yes I understand that parts farming isn’t as big a deal in Borderlands 3 as previous games, however it matters in some places.

For example, I would love to be able to just remove scopes on most weapons. Like I can’t stand them on anything but a sniper, heavy, or sometimes a burst rifle. I just want iron sights (or whatever Maliwan does with that little O hologram sight thingy). With a trinket I could do that. Modifey ONE part to what I want.

To expand on this, you could…

  • Get extra mag size.
  • Get more crit damage.
  • Get more pellets.
  • Get less pellets.
  • Get full auto on those DAHL weapons that spawned burst/semi-auto.
  • Increase dayumage!
  • Increase projectile speed.
  • Increase reload speed.
  • Change elements.

Just think about it, you get to change 1 part on a gun to whatever you want, it means that the part RNG is less impactful in this instances where you need specific parts. Now you only need a very close version of the gun you want, reroll the anoint to what you want, and change that last part to what you want.


PS. If you want to check out part options for every red text item in the game, check out , just find the item you are interesting in and click the “parts” tab to see what it can roll with.


You just described the anointment system. Almost.
Lots of people said that anointments should have been tied to trinkets and switchable.

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Yea I know. But the problem there is that it’s just kinda… predictable? IDK to me the anointment reroll is fine. I know it wasn’t in the game until recently, but up until it was put in the RNG was mostly on the anoints not the gun parts. Now that anoints don’t matter, it’d make more sense to me to think of other ideas for trinkets and the next logical step is weapon part modification.

Even before I’d rather have options to change weapon parts because, well imagine now you have that perfect Maliwan weapon, you can just rotate trinkets to change the elements for what you need. Would it have been better to make that do anoints? Ehh… you’d still have to farm for some specific parts. Like hell, imagine being able to turn any Shreddifier into a Super, or any Sickle into a Boom. To me that’s better than having it change the anoint honestly.

I like the concept but again why stop at one slot to switch? I’d rather a full blown crafting system.

Well you’re not gonna stop to switch one slot, except for maybe the element. Like if you want this particular effect you just keep that trinket on the weapon.

Of course one thing that would need to change it allow us to equip trinkets to individual weapons and not slots but still.

And Borderlands has never been about crafting. This would be as close as you would get honestly.

Making trinkets a user-customizable part (with its own set of buffs/nerfs) has been brought up before, and you know I’m down.

Cosmetically, they’re far and away my favorite. Echo skins are basically invisible unless I’m in the Quick Change machine (otherwise I barely see the top when in use), and the heads/skins I don’t see unless I emote, go into photo mode, or hit the Quick Change (though I suppose I might see someone else’s if I played co op more). The trinkets are visible, more symbolic than a pattern, and their motion in relation to my movement makes the character feel more dynamic, like it feels like I’m moving because I’m getting that on-weapon motion feedback. They’re the singular cosmetic that I’m legit interested in.