Cool New Alchemist Interaction With Zane

I just discovered that you can get ammo back on the Alchemist using a Transformer and Futility Belt.


Dude, that’s a pretty cool find!

The biggest issue with it is Futility Belt breaks when you re-activate kill skills while they are still active so this won’t work for mobbing.

Interesting. What makes the Alchemist work that way? I haven’t encountered it yet. Self damaging elemental damage?

The Alchemist does shock damage to yourself with each shot and with the transformer it instead heals your shields. My best guess Is Futility Belt is changing the damage to kinetic which is confusing the transformer and making it treat the damage like a normal bullet. So you have a 40% chance to gain the bullet back when you shoot.


Sorry if this seems stupid to ask but: Without futility belt it’s not behaving this way?

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I specced out of the green tree and only in the blue and it did not do this. I then specced down to Futility belt and it started working again. I could try speccing into as few skills as possible and just grab futility belt and try getting a kill to see if any other skill is required but that will have to wait until I get home. Edit: just tested again and it is 100% Futility Belt doing it.

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