Cool new layout! Just testing the New Topic options


Definitely an awkward layout on my phone. I’ll have to try the desktop version. Really like the colours, though!

(Dannydlm) #2

Reminds me of pre desktop-desktop windows 8, I dont like it all that much but if it doesn’t get tweaked i can get used to it.

gotta remember its a soft launch, stuff can change : P


Yes, with the abundance of mobile users out there, I hope they can make it less awkward.

But I can get used to it!

(Where's lucky?) #4

Did you change it to the mobile version on your phone or is it the desktop version?


Not sure! How do I find out?

(Where's lucky?) #6

the 3 lines icon by your avatar in the top right


Seems to be the same whether I have desktop or mobile view selected.


Oh wow!

Restarted my phone, made sure I had mobile view selected, everything works beautifully now!


(Is this thing on?) #9

Anyone know if it’s possible to tweak the colour scheme without resorting to user style sheets in the browser? I’m finding the contrast between the text and the background of the actual posts is just a little bit less than is actually comfortable for this ancient vault hunter’s eyes…

(Scourge of the High Seas) #10

I’m with VH101, I think a slightly brighter text would be easier to read. Maybe not full white, but a little whiter than it is now. Or possibly a slightly darker background grey.

(Wolf and Saint) #11

This would be very beneficial. Even the slightest things can help out a lot.

(Mister Sloth) #12

Being able to change the colors would be good.
But white text on black would be worse than the current style for some people (like me).

That may sound silly, but bright white text on black can have the effect like you’re looking into many tiny suns and their afterimages move along with the eyes, making lines of text a mess - it’s not easy to explain. Maybe my eyes are getting old :blush:

(AKA Scruffy the Janitor) #13

I like the current colour of the text. I think it is bright enough for my eyes, but there should be an option for people to brighten it for themselves, just so they can see the text properly.

(Scourge of the High Seas) #14

No, I get what you’re saying about too high contrast being hard on aging eyes. But for me, I’m reading this on a 50" TV about 5 feet away, and it’s just a hair too similar between the text and background for letters to really pop out. Of course I could change my screen resolution so the text is bigger, but that would be admitting that I’m getting old. And screw that.

But I’m talking, like a shade lighter than it is now, not full on white-on-black. Giving each user control would certainly eliminate the issue, but I’m not sure how feasible that is.

(Is this thing on?) #15

I’m with you on that one :smile:

I may just resort to an entry in my browser’s user style sheet, but I really don’t like doing that as I’m apt to forget which sites I have style over-rides on, and blame them when something changes and the site breaks…

Edit: There is a forum feedback thread, just in case anyone has suggestions and hadn’t noticed it (took me a while to find it, but I’m old and slow)