Cooldown increase help - is this a gltch?

Until I had enough points to purchase RTB, I used the skill “Fuel the Rampage” to lower my cooldown. As soon as I unlocked RTB, I respecced. Now, two entire playthroughs, several days, and numerous save/quits later, I still have significant cooldown caused by taking damage, which I tested by shooting a slow hand at my feet in Sanctuarry. I have only respecced on this character the one time. What skill is causing me to regain my Buzzaxe Rampage, or is this a glitch? The only change when I respecced to get RTB was moving the points from Fuel the Rampage to Empty the Rage.

N.B. Not that it bothers me in any way… I’m just wondering.

EDIT: It is probably relevant to mention that I do not have friendly fire damage. This entire playthrough has been done in co-op, I certainly would have noticed.

That’s part of the base action skill. From the wiki…

“Buzz Axe Rampage is Krieg’s action skill. When used, Krieg puts away his currently equipped weapon and takes out his buzz axe, gaining massively increased melee damage and increased movement speed. Each time he kills an enemy, he fully regenerates his health. By holding the aim button, he takes aim with his buzz axe, firing causes him to throw it with a parabolic trajectory. Being damaged decreases Buzz Axe Rampage’s cooldown, but taking damage to shields is less effective than to his health.

“Base duration: 16 seconds
-1 second cooldown for every 3.5% of base health lost[2]
cooldown reduction is ¼ as effective for shield damage”

Beyond that, I’ve got no clue.

Odd. I don’t see any point in him having that skill, then, because at level 54 he is recharging it in the duration of a single FFYL. Thanks for your help!

it’s pretty nice for getting your CD back pre-31. Having done a gunless playthrough all the way to 72, I can honestly say that was one of the hardest parts of the game because for a lot of it you have no way to heal yourself outside of BxR.

Guess i should mention that the base effect from BxR and FtR stack.

What @boombumr said. Also, activating Release the Beast resets your cooldown completely. If you’re wearing a Rough Rider, you’ll notice your cooldown reseting very quickly because most of the damage done to you will be to your health since the “sheild” only has a 20% damage reduction.