Cooldown Numbers

Basically is there a chart which would have every character’s skills cooldown and what they would be when modified by the maximum number of NON-legendary cooldown from gear?

That’s 10.5 + 6.3 + 6.3 + 6.3 (from a blue cooldown and 2 other pieces of gear with a secondary cooldown stat).

AND THEN also taking into account helix choices that give cooldown.

I would like to see numbers like these to see which characters benefit the most from gear/helix choices. I’m also awful at math and numbers.

As far as I know, no such thing exists.

If you can get the cooldown numbers from each skill of each character, and also note any helixes that effect cooldown percents, i can do the math part for you, and possibly test a few to make sure the math is accurate.

@Ganjamira if you could tell us, or direct us to a page that will tell us, how to have dropdown categories that hide the content until the title of the category is clicked in posts to keep everything neat, that would be awesome. I couldn’t find anywhere that said how to do that.


hey, @lowlines , this sounds nifty…


Why would you need this? It’s a simple formula that you can easily calculate whenever you need it.

cooldown * (1-(reduction/100)) * (1-(reduction/100)) * etc...

For example the 4 instances you have up there would result in this on a 20 sec cooldown…

20*0.895*0.937*0.937*0.937= 14.73 seconds

And technically no percentage in this game benefits one character over another, not even things like damage reduction. Because almost everything is multiplicative in this game.

Even though you wouldn’t run skill damage on Galilea, it technically buffs her just as much as running skill damage on Orendi.

Only things like flat bonuses don’t affect everyone equally. And that is max shield, max health, shield recharge rate, shield recharge delay, and health regen.

Which obviously a flat 280 health is a much bigger portion of Orendi’s health pool, than it is of Kelvin’s health pool.

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It’s in the options part when you’re writing a post.


And complicated :stuck_out_tongue:

My Character Builder should have all the numbers you need, though there is A LOT involved with calculating the final value you see on the screen so some thought might have to be put in on how you’d represent that on a chart.

If you want to try your hand at working off of the raw data, there is also the manifest file I use which is exported from the PC game files. But like I said, this is kind of a beast of a thing to dig into.


I explicitly stated my utter degree of suck when it comes to math.

I also disagree with your statement that all gear benefits all characters equally. Damage Reduction on Galilea is better on Galilea than it is on Orendi. Fact.
An Orendi cannot and will not make the same use, or get the same benefits, as Galilea when it comes to Damage Reduction. I get what you’re TRYING to say, but it’s still wrong even if it’s mathematically correct. (SCREW MATH).


Don’t blame math, this is irrelevant here.

He meant “it technically buffs her SKILLS just as much…”

I am actually fairly certain damage reduction is not multiplicative. I did a small amount of testing with damage reduction gear on Dragon a few months back, and it seemed to have diminishing returns on damage reduction. I don’t have the numbers on me at the moment, but from what I saw; damage reduction numbers are defiantly not multiplicative or addictive. Neither of the two added up.

Thanks for that.

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Do you mind posting the results if you still have them? I know without a doubt it isn’t additive, and I also know it doesn’t use the formula Borderlands 2 used. So I can’t really think of any logical formula they could have used besides multiplicative.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, this is how Montana’s DR should work.

  • 75% from Mansformation
  • 30% from Hailstorm + 20% from Ice Revolve (since it’s additive to Hailstorm) = 50%

So if Montana is hit with 100 damage while all 3 are up it should look like this…

100*0.25*0.5= 12.5 damage taken

Why it may look like diminishing returns is because with just his Ult up he already only takes 25 damage, so Hailstorm can only take away 50% of this new damage, resulting in 12.5 damage taken.

Meaning Hailstorm only reduced your damage taken by 12.5, instead of the 50 it normally does without Mansformation.

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That doesn’t contradict each other. Multiplicative formula will result in diminishing returns.

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just remember if youre looking at a blue, those two stats on it ARE additive, while the others are multiplicative.

Ernest’s Explosive charge does 280 damage at level 10.

I used this piece of gear for the test.

Without taking shield damage I did 306 damage.

280*1.091= 305.48 which BB rounds up to 306

After taking shield damage I did 323 damage.

208*1.091*1.0546= 322.16 which BB rounds up to 323

If it was additive I should have gotten 280*1.1456= 320.77 or 321. So most blue stats are multiplicative with themselves.

I will say I also tested reduced buildable cost and it was additive period. Whether it be with in one blue piece, or across multiple pieces of gear.


Thanks! it may have changed from the wu or later.