Cooldown Reduction Gear

Does anybody run it or is it better to take other options? What toons would it be best for? Im looking into cooldown reduction on some of my builds but I’m not sure if it would be a better pick over something like attack damage or skill damage

Cooldown reduction really depends on the character and what skills you intend to use.

For all purposes of Cooldown reduction, the best ones atm are Firmware Update and Borrowed Timer. Both are legendaries with fabulous abilities, but there are certainly other cooldown reductions that are worth using and stacking on certain characters.

I run a complete cooldown reduction loadout on my Ghalt and sometimes it doubles as my Shayne and Orendi build as well. Another good gear for cooldown reduction is an epic known as Scheming Old Fashioned I believe is it’s name. Epic, Gives max shield and a 6.30% cooldown reduction rate.

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Right now I’m using the blue one that reduces cooldowns futher when all skills have been used. I want to use it for some of my melee assassins

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I sometimes run it with heavy skill players… Like orendi, ambra, kleese… ppl like that

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For melee assassins, I recommend the blue CD reduction with additional CD reduction after melee hit and a recoil penalty. I use it on Rath, Gally and kelvin. Sometimes boulder too although I usually prefer stacking durability with damage on the side.

Cooldown gear is only worth it if you are using your skills as soon as they cooldown or if you feel like there are a lot of times where you need a skill and don’t have it available soon enough (like when your initiate and escape are the same skill).

Firmware update is great if you want to spam your ult. It is fun to use and can break pvp in the right hands. Orendi, thorn, kelvin, Alani, boulder, Benedict, Rath and Pendles will all benefit greatly from firmware update. Using it on gally with “heralds return” is amazing. Isic s firmware update, 30% of the time it works every time😎

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Ooh I never thought to firmware update on Benedict~ >: D

You can do story without touching the ground🦅
And you don’t have to reload ever

Aside from the legendaries, cd gear suffers from the same problem that CC gear does - it’s hardly noticeable, and theoretically more effective on characters with higher cd’s.

10% CD gear on kelvin:
chomp goes from 5 secs to 4.5 secs to cd.
Until late game, when you have 3 second chomps -
chomp takes 2.7 secs to cd
the lower the cd, the less physical time you’re regaining. -A 50 second cd saves a whopping 5 seconds.
Personally I’d rather my thing thats on cd hit harder :stuck_out_tongue: Those stats can be increased by much more noticable amounts.
cost to benefit ratio.


That is true. Skill damage gives more immediate burst. Skill damage will always be in effect and CD reduction is only noticed if you use it without waiting until it would have been CD anyway. I think that the main strength of CD gear is that you can apply cc more often. Also, as you pointed out, it is much more effective on ults. It’s kinda funny that you use kelvin as an example. He has both short and long CD on his skills. He gets some of the best use of firmware update for several reasons. his passive triggers after skill use so the more often you use skills the better. Combine firmware and kelvins lore legendary to break the game.

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I always run a free one in Bots battle.
Have two slots for gear, those that need reload, those that heal/no shield.

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