CoOp couch fail continues

As most games continue to make improvements on inclusive, accessible environments, it seems borderlands 3 has given up on providing such a service (after a landslide of complaints) about the UX in Coop mode. My partner and I had loved pre-sequel so much. A decent sized map, legible font size, and the perfect zoom to see enough of the field for engagement. It was a great experience. We were sold for 3. We paid top dollar on preorder, a first! And never again since because we were so hugely disappointed. We’ve barely clocked a day of playtime and refuse to play solo as its main purpose was a game to bond over. I feel there is enough of us out there that we should start a petition. I even think perusing a class action seems appropriate for not delivering on a product that previously set a certain expected standard. Some kind of compensation for this massive failure that is still not resolved almost 2 years later.
I’ve been following along on the movie production and as much as I want to see it, I don’t plan to put any more money into this company until there is a resolution.


Welcome to the club as they say. Like yourself many of us not only purchased but even preordered BL3 due to the great local co-op that BL1, BL2 and BLTPS provided and for that matter still do. Split screen co-op was put in as an afterthought and even when they added vertical split screen all that was done was change the orientation. They still left in the terrible UI, performance, text size, etc. Baffles me that it was clearly not tested as it should of been and someone @GBX signed off on it as good goes to show where the company is now days.

As I have said many times take this as a learning lesson when it comes to products from @GBX in the future.

In the meantime I highly recommend the game It Takes Two if you want a great story, fun gameplay and excellent local co-op. You know those things that the BL series used to have.


We’ve moved on from split screen and bought the game on stadia now. Much better experience, better load times, screen each with zero console outlay. Game dosent crash, graphics are better.

Just need 2 copies of the game on stadia but we got it mega cheap on sale and with a good internet connection the game runs really well compared to PS4.

I know it shouldn’t be a thing, it should be running like the other games. Gearbox aren’t interested in fixing these issues so it’s up to you to either find a solution yourself or move on from the game. Which is really sad, I was so so close to giving up on this game which I’m a big fan of. Once I fixed it myself which has cost me a lot of money I’ve poured hours into it so eventually I’ve had my monies worth out of it.

Yes I’m still a massive borderlands fan with 3 being my favourite to play (not the story or characters) in future though I’ll be very wary about purchasing a product up front. I’ll let the dust settle on wonderlands that’s for sure!


On the one hand glad that you are finally able to enjoy co-op but what you had to go through to do it just speaks volumes, at least to me.

As yourself we were, were being key, huge fans of the BL series and certainly played our fair share of the games. BL3 has a lot of things I enjoy, just with all the issues it still has to this day and @GBX choosing not to address/fix makes purchases from their company in the future easier. Although Wonderlands might be a great game there is zero chance I will be getting it day one or pre order for that matter.


I’ve heard wonderful things about it takes two, so thank you for the suggestion. I hadn’t realized it was co-op. I’ve added it to our list. We oftentimes play single player where my guy has the controller and I basically point stuff out that he’s missing (he’s partially colorblind, so a bunch of ‘highlighted’ items that are meant to draw the players attention get overlooked). And then also sideline coach on things (mostly yelling at him lol). It works for us, but we also really enjoy the interaction of co-op. Portal is another game that is a great co-op if you haven’t played it and enjoy puzzles.

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Yep, have done Portal and loved it, one of those games where time flew by and didn’t realize how long we have been planted in front of the television, haha. I think you are going to enjoy It Takes Two very much, especially since you are both into solving puzzles. One piece of advise I would say its to explore the areas because there are hidden mini games throughout and most of all PAITENCE with one another because you are going to need it! haha.