Coop didn't work between PC and Mac


we try to get the coop work between PC and Mac but it doesn’t work. The different build numbers should be the problem. But we didn’t find any patch notes or similar related to Mac. Thats a rly worse costumer journey so we paid both a lot for the game and we can’t play together.
There should be any information about that.


I suppose this falls under the category “no crossplay support until after launch”, but you are right - this has not been communicated well.

Similarly, the DLC is not yet available for Mac, and no information about this either.

I assume that they are too busy getting the crippling bugs out of the way first. Still, better communication does not require development budget; a twitter message would suffice.

The German support told me that it should work but the difference in versions between the 2 OS is the problem. We can see us in the social tab but we can’t join each other that doesn’t make any sense to me. The Mac is stucked on 1.05.
And the biggest issue for me is that the German support can’t tell me when any update for Mac will be released.

Thanks for the information. I only had contact with the Epic support and nobody told them nothing.
They probably treat Mac support as second class citizen and there is little information for Mac users in the community as well - all too often all you get is “go get a windows rig”.
By the way, I had frequent slowdowns on Mac and solved them by deactivating volumetric fog. I suppose there is a memory leak somewhere.
So, thanks for your reply. Let’s wait and see, I suppose.
Trotzdem viel Spaß mit dem Spiel und hoffentlich bekommen wir bald ein Upgrade.