Coop Disconnecting

Some friends and I are unable to connect to each other. Are the servers down or is there any way I can check this? Any help/solutions?

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What platform are you on?

There has been an issue since launch with the Xbox 1X.

My brother and I are having the same issue on pc. Any idea what’s going on??

PC. More specifically, steam.

I’m thinking that it has to do with the servers from what I have noticed. I asked this question though because I was hoping that maybe one of the moderators or someone that knows more about this would let me know. Hopefully it is fixed soon or at least an answer.

Lemme try to get someone better at this than me lol

@VaultHunter101 do you know of any issues like this?

We can’t connect in BL3 on PC Epic or BL2 PC Steam right now. A picture speaks a thousand words.

Starting to look better.

Well that graph doesn’t look good…

I was on-line (XB1) without issue. But that doesn’t mean too much because I was playing solo exclusively tonight.

Hmm… isn’t reporting anything wrong with SHIFT, although that’s no guarantee.

Looks like Steam had maintenance or something? Not the official Steam Twitter:

(Moved to PC tech support)

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A friend and I are currently experiencing the same problem with connect-ability. Spent literally the past month or so playing together with no issues. Suddenly today, and seemingly out of no where, complete inability to connect.

Oh, and I’ll also add that we can connect together just fine though Origins. Actually, currently in queue for Duos on Apex.

Only reason I’m posting too is because I’m only finding outage sites and “unofficial” Twitters/Social medias saying anything about it. Just want confirmation lol

Well, I linked the official SHIFT status Twitter account (although you could also check the official Borderlands one as well). Steam I don’t know much about but, if they were indeed having server maintenance as suggested by the unofficial status account that would explain it.

Anyone know if Steam has an official service status page/account? Seems like the sort of thing they would have. Not my platform though.

No luck here either, myself and 3 friends just got game (steam) and can’t co-op.