Coop early EST gaming

Anyone interested in starting a new character and playing exclusively as much as possible? Exclusively, meaning, we only play this character while we are both online and in the same session.

If not exclusive that’s fine too.

Gamertag: matrixneo42
usual game time: 5am to 7am EST
mic: yes

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Already on your friend list but I’m definitely going to be starting a new character when I get back to TPS again. It’ll be either Claptrap/Jack/Nisha and if you’re on most days, then we could probably run exclusively. You’re one of my U.S friends that actually plays in my prime time due to your odd game time. :smile:

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That works for me. I’m planning on being Wilhelm next. And I do see you online frequently enough. Is our net connection solid enough when you connect to me?

I’d suggest Jack or Nisha from a power standpoint. And also from a less random standpoint. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, if you pick claptrap that’s fine too. I have ways of dealing with Claptrap antics on my side. If claptrap’s action skill starts making me fire nonstop, I either: switch to a jakobs, go the menu, keep switching weapons or just simply point whatever I was already using at the enemies.

I can start tomorrow or whenever day we both get online.

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[color=steelblue]If you have decent internet and not downloading stuff while hosting, you’ll probably be the better host. :smile:

I’m leaning towards Jack as Claptrap is a bit random like you said (I’ll likely play Claptrap primarily in random public games; haven’t played much public games for TPS thus far) and Nisha’s action skill can have issues for non-hosts with the delay in the bullet projectiles (meaning most bullets will not hit moving targets)

As for starting time, I’m hoping in a week or so, as I’m trying to fully iron out Dragon Age Inquisition, though I’m pushing hard to try and play TPS ASAP as I’m starting to itch for TPS.[/color]

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Add me




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I believe I added you. I’m not sure you added me back yet. I’ll check tomorrow.

When we do manage to start up, it looks like we’ll have another great choice to try. The Baroness. I’m up for trying Wilhelm or her.

I’ll be on at 5 or 530 tomorrow. Wednesday I won’t have much time, but I’ll be back again Thursday and on.

I’ll join what level ru at? I have a nisha level 3, claptrap level 7, Wilhelm level 10, jack level 20 and athena 30. Just message or friend me BETA REAPER V2 one word.

Riviet and I have a Nisha, and a Lady Hammerlock. Your wilhelm would be welcome to join us. I’ll friend you. We are level 10 or very close to. Claptrap won’t be as welcome “when death is on the line”.

And I’ll also play in general with whomever I have around. Including a low level Wilhelm and two level 30ish dudes. Claptrap I don’t mind usually though (with me or the other players as claptrap). Only with Lady Hammerlock would I find the combination poor.