CoOp is still broken with its non stop atrocious latency, beware…no mattter how good ur internet is…if u r not host you wil have about 200ping or higher…no ther game of mine is this way…i have superior inernet…

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coop runs better for me when somebody ELSE is hosting so my experience difers drastically from yours

Sad but need to agree. That does NOT always apply though.
Sometimes when I join someones game, my latency is terrible and sometimes I don’t feel the difrence than hosting myself.
If I would be here to guess, I will say that game isn’t hosted by Epic servers BUT the one that will be choosen as HOST.
So if my net is really good, people playing with me have no lag, but when someone else is hosting and have in particular bad net connection, everyone lags like crazy.

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On PC,

Driving and melee are bad so far. Playing melee Amara coop has been horrible experience so far. Animation skip, punches not connecting, teleporting…

Driving is like drink driving. Impossible to drive straight.

Regular shooting is fine most of the time. When coop, the host always drive while I take the terret or passenger seat.

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Drunken driving, melee skip animation…
Going crazy with melee Amara…