Coop level algorithm broken

After the latest update when I play with my friend who has a significantly lower level character than me, and we play in his campaign, my character is massively overpowered. He is around level 20, I am at level 54, and I appear to be playing at the power level of someone at level 42 ( all of the loot I pick up is it level 42, and that level increases as we move through the campaign) so I’m killing bosses in his campaign in less than 30 seconds. We haven’t yet tried playing in my campaign to see if he gets killed instantaneously.

So no one else is having this problem?

My husband and I play together in split screen, we are the same level but since last hotfix he, first player, obtain much more experience than me.
I tried using a 15% bonus exp artifact and my kills still rewarded him significantly more experience.
Maybe, it’s not the same problem, but definitely they touched something in the coop balance.

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