Coop Level Scaling

I honestly think that Borderlands 3 should have same coop level scaling system as Diablo 3 has. Basically, it scales strenght of all players in a team to the level of highest level player. At the same time these players level up much faster until they reach level of highest level player.

This system has several benefits for social coop experience, as players from all levels can play together and low level players can easly catch up. Also when I have high level character, I can still use it, when I’m introducing new players (wife, kid, friend etc.) to the game. I hate when I have to create all new character and start everything from the beginning, whenever someone new wants to play Borderlands with me for couple of hours. Also having several characters for playing with every of my friend, who is on different level, is tiresome.

This game should be much more flexible for teams.

Honestly, this is the main reason why me and my wife have made to platinum trophy in Diablo 3 on PS4 (and then we bought the game for Xbox One) and only couple of dozens of hours of playing together in Borderlands 2/THC (also on PS4 and Xbox One). I mean we live together, and even then we’re not able to synchronize every single playing session, just for having our characters on par. With D3’s system you can even match complete randoms online, and still, everyone has a good time.


Level scaling has been announced to be a thing in Borderlands 3. We know that:

-You will be able to play together and all be scaled to an effective same level

-Each player will get level-appropriate rewards

I’m sure more details will be released as we get closer to launch. :slight_smile:


This makes me very happy.

Question on scaling is if its only the rewards that scale or do the enemies scale too. And if the enemies scale do they scale on the host or scale to the highest level player present.

This is conjecture, on my part, based on what little is known. However, it sounds like BL3 will adopt a similar system to the Dead Island games.

In DI, enemy stats are generated by the individual player’s game, not the host. That is, in a DI co-op game, a L10 player might see a tough enemy as L12. A L20 player might see the same enemy as L22. If they attack it together, each will damage it for a percentage of its health rather than an absolute amount. Consequently, the players feel that they are equally useful.

Of course, higher level players may have skills that make them more effective and they might do some extra damage relatively. However, you don’t get the massive disparity of a Borderlands game.

This also ties in to “instanced loot”, which seems to be proposed for BL3. If there is gear to be had after the fight, then each player will see gear around their own level.

The down side, in DI, is that player progression is linked to the host’s game and the other players need not get credited with mission completions. However, that was a choice made by the DI developers and I’m sure GBX will make their own.

As I said, speculation. However, it does fit what hints we have fron GBX.

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