Coop Loot Event -how to opt out

Im sure this has been asked a million times but me and my friend dont want the game completely runed by all the free Legendary items in co-op how do we turn this off?

and dont tell me you cant… i cant believe they would force you to play a very broken game for 6 weeks.

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I thought halloween were over.

It’s this

+1 for being able to disable it. I sent support ticket requesting how to do this/

Currently playing through storyline for the first time with some friends, don’t want progression or difficulty ruined by showering us in loot that is not reflective in power of what you are supposed to have at that time.

Great idea for a bonus given everybody is locked away in self isolation right now if people are farming gear but please let us disable this even just for story mode if we are not at that stage of the game yet.

I agree so much its just runes the game if you have not played through it once yet…

Does this work even if I use extra controller for myself?

Didn’t knew this side of the event. I really don’t have friends to play with but hopefully idling on 2nd player works

Man, I wish the loot had been like this when I started… and the rest of the time.

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Before someone replies “it doesn’t break the game just suck it up”, within a few hours I had a full orange kit at level 15 and am seriously overpowered for that level.
The story is not fun to play like this. Maybe if I was replaying it certainly but for the first playthrough it is not fun anymore - the game was not designed to be played like this initially.

Just not picking them up doesn’t work because normal loot table gear drops are replaced by every badass dropping five oranges and seventeen purples and no “regular” weapons.

As I said great event, people seem to love it and that’s awesome, great to see others having fun. If I had completed the game already I’d be having a blast farming gear like this.

But please just give us an option to turn it off. Otherwise I’ll see y’all in 6 weeks once I can actually play the game properly again.

You can makeshift opt out of it. Disable your internet connection, launch game, load up a session, activate internet, invite friend.

Now you should be able to enjoy without any events.

That’s okay. In a couple of moments of play you should be level 17. The levels kinda fly by.

Of course, if you have that much self control you could choose the even simpler method of only grabbing greens and blues.


having all the loot given to you without earning it is the concept of whats wrong with our society… why would you want a game that you have no sence of earning anything… you just get all the best stuff right away? i dont know maybe some people like that but i feel it wrecks the game

Thanks for the idea!
Unfortunately there’s 3 of us trying to play together and one is in a different house so internet is required.

How does this work?? can you explane how this makes the event not work for co-op?

I’m not a masochist, so I don’t seek pain and hardship for the sake of enjoyment. There’s plenty of necessary earning in life without looking for it in escapist entertainment.

If the lead person doesn’t load the hotfix before starting the game, presumably the event won’t be active for them or anyone who joins their game (the internet gets reconnected, so online co-op is still an option).

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Of course, if you have that much self control you could choose the even simpler method of only grabbing greens and blues.

Missing or avoiding the point.
First playthrough of the game, we only picked it up the other week as we’d waited for it to be available on steam.

Of course after you’ve already played through the game one or more times the storyline becomes a grind that you want to get to the end of, for that this event is welcome.

Funnily enough though some people actually buy the game to play through the storyline and experience it at not triple speed being insanely overpowered. Takes the fun out of the game entirely. As I said above, standard loot table (and vendors) are trashed because of this event so the “don’t pick it up” is a pretty crappy workaround.

Providing the option to disable it doesn’t hurt anyone else. You all keep farming your loot that’s fine.

Not trying to be “the complaining” person at all - in the grand picture I think it’s a great idea for almost everyone else, just trying providing feedback on a demographic of players they may not have considered when making it a game-wide mandatory event with no option to opt-out.

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You’re only offline while you start up your game as host. Re-activate while you are in a session and invite. As long as you, the host, does not return to main menu all 3 of you will play without hotfixes.

It’s just to make sure you don’t download and apply hotfixes at the main menu. Technically you could just spam play asap before they’re applied.

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Thanks Mahyto, will give this a shot. Appreciate it.

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Good luck, hope it solves it for y’all! :slight_smile:

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I agree, however, having been through the actual event in the title which a fair number of people complained about and which received a fix a month or two after the offending event had ended, I imagine you’ll get more mileage out of any kind of workarounds than any actual fix. Particularly since it mainly “negatively” affects the flash-in-the-pan levels that fly by with or without “overpowered” gear.


You’re right and unfortunately for this to be considered an “issue” would be by a very small number of players so any real response is most likely non existant let alone delayed.

Hopefully they find it under feedback regardless and take it into account for any future events that players may not want to be a part of.


Does this strategy work for all events in co op?

Worst case you could wait all of 5 whole days…

But a toggle for events would be great…

I’m really looking forward to this halloween’s bloody harvest and I liked how long it lasted before. Not everyone did. So choice would be welcome.

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