Coop Loot Event -how to opt out

Their news post (linked in second post) says 6 weeks for the bonus loot. With more events to come.

I tried the workaround, cannot send out invites unless I sign into shift in the main menu - even after turning my internet back on.
Works with LAN but not friend only\invite modes unfortunately. Spamming Play results in the same functionality; can’t set the game mode to invite only\friends only after creating a session.

Thanks for the info about it downloading hotfixes through the main menu. I’ll keep trying to break it :slight_smile:

What about running the game solo?

First are you on console or PC?

If you’re on console, and assuming you’re split screening with one while a second join you. Do both of your accounts have PS+/xbox live? If only one of your local accounts have PS+/xbox live, it’s stuck at lan only.

I just double checked myself and it does work for me.

Once your in your session and re-activate, you should be able to log into shift via social menu and set your game to invite only.

Screenshot spam :point_down:


Im on PC does this work with PC also for co-op when your in different citys

I’m not sure, but i assume it would if you can start the game while you’re not connected to internet. I don’t know how epic/steam handles this.

Ah, didn’t realize you were on console. That would be different; I’m on PC\Steam.

Can disable network, start BL3 and then start a session and that loads fine with no events.
Problem is after connecting internet it won’t let me change it to invite only\friends session without signing into SHiFT, and the Go Online button throws an error (below).

Funnily enough I can’t actually get it to connect to SHIFT until I restart my computer, not even reloading main menu or even the game lets me connect.

Thanks anyway bro.


Ah, that’s a shame. Hmm, steam auto sign in when connection is restored, right? Or does it remain in offline mode?

Play True Maliwan Takedown (it’s four player scaled) and farm badass ratches.

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Man people complain about everything these days just wow

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How dare they give us free items.
Let me farm for days.
More rng pls.

I understand it effect new players but the games like diablo, its all about endgame. The beginning is just for story.

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While I understand your point, you can also decide to not equip aid legendaries and only run with blue and purple like it ought to be.

It might be the simpler fix to your problem

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Fixed your title to avoid further confuzion.

Since this is a hotfix event, there’s no real way to opt out if you want to play co-op. It’s only until Thursday. As others have pointed out, you could simply ignore the piles of orange. Or, take and sell every last one of them so you can up your bank space quickly.

This one is actually until April 30th. The Takedown Shakedown, and Door Busters end on Thursday.

Really only way to avoid is is to prevent the hotfix from applying. If you click through the main menu fast enough you can get into the game online before they apply. Not sure how co-op works on pc without those hotfixes. I can see how leggos raining from the sky could take away from a first play through, but the drop rates were actually close to this level when the game first launched too.

Hadn’t notice that. Wow, that’s going to be a LOT of legendaries…

WOO HOO! :rofl:

It is pretty ridiculous right now. M4 Slaughter Shaft 2 player, there was so much loot on the ground after round 3 I couldn’t see where the enemies were to shoot at them.

Edit: Definitely not complaining :smiley:

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My guess is that the easy way is just play the game and don’t pick them up. I personally like The golden showers ( pun intended) were getting in this depressing time of isolation . Gearbox, keep it up. (In CL4TP’s maniacal voice) I say " more, more I say, bwa ha ha! "


BTW man you should make a fresh topic explaining this so more people can take advantage of it I didn’t know till you wrote this would be better as a stand alone topic for those of us that play solo only

You can create one if you think it useful. I don’t need credit. :grin: