Coop Prograssion only for the Host?

hi, the first i have to say is i normal not speaking english i try to eyplain my issue the best way i can i hope ur guys are able to understand :slight_smile:.

So the issue: i have invited a friend of mine for normal mode we play together a few days and finiash the story on normal mode and reach lvl 50 all together. every time i was the host . when my friend want to play alone it was no problem he can stat the game solo with the same progession we have played toghether. so now we want to start playing (i hope this the right translation to english) the “true vault hunter modus” toghether and i host again we play untuill chapter 13 and turn off game few hours later we want to play again and my friend see that his progression is on chapter 1 ? so he cant play on chapter 13 we reached together . do u guys have any ideas to solve this problem ?

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nobody :frowning: ?

Did you skip the Intro part at the beginning when starting the TVHM?
A Friend and I had the same issue.

We had to reset our progress in TVHM (In Mode selection if you hover over TVHM there is a option to hit “Q” on PC and reset all missions)
Then start a new game together WITHOUT skipping the Intro and play the whole thing.

This helped us to get our progress shared.

yes we skipped the intro, if thats the reason for the issue realy bad cuz we are on chapter 19 now ^^