Coop Story mode does not find any teammates

A recommendation for Gearbox.
If the matchmaker does not find any teammate… do not force us to play in SOLO!

I am annoyed that every time I try to play COOP and when it doesn’t find teammates to play…
The game automatically shoves you into the game as SOLO player. Literally doesnt give you an option to go back.
Its bad because this game doesn’t seem to allow joining mid game… thus if I wanted to play coop and not SOLO. I should be allowed to QUIT or RETRY to find teammates.

The only way to leave right now seems to close the darn game using ALT+F4.

To resume, if I click COOP… force the matchmaker to keep searching until it finds teammates or give you a warning of “no teammates found”.
COOP is COOP, you cant COOP by yourself! So separate COOP from single player mode in Story mode.

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