Coop Story Needs to Handle Quitters Somehow

Came very close to beating the Void today, but half the team quit about 2/3rd through, and at least one more quit right near the end - after they’d used up most of the lives. And that was after already gaining a few extras. This is very disappointing - to be so close, but unable to complete through no fault of your own.

Might be too difficult, but could the game spawn in bot players? Or is it possible to have it so people can join a game in progress to replace the ones who’ve left? Awarding extra live(s) each time a player quit would help a little bit too.

Apart from this issue, I’m really enjoying the story mode, but I’m worried that even after launch, it may be difficult to find 4 other people prepared to play through the campaign story who are also available when you are.

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Err… It DOES handle “quitters”. First I wanna say that 95% of all “quitters” are just getting D/C’d - they have the option to rejoin the match at any time while it’s still going (and a lot of them do - I really like this feature, as it means a server/connection hiccup will not deprive you of 30 minutes worth of rewards…).

As for the rest, it scales back the difficulty based on how many players there are. Every time someone drops, enemy damage and health goes down by a rather sizable chunk.

Honestly, the nerf that’s given here is sometimes ABSURD! I ended up playing an entire mission of… (ug, I forget the name - the new one that’s not “The Algorithm”) with just one other person. The matchmaker found only 3 people originally, and one even failed to connect lmao.

Anyways, the Wolf Sentry was SHREDDING all the waves of enemies with his starter guns (not even upgraded), and by the time I got to level 10, I was ONE SHOTTING those “Alpha” enemies (the strongest ones) with a single full Volley to the face as Thorn ffs! n.nU

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I honestly had not noticed. It didn’t feel like that at all! Do you know if the size of the waves changes as well? Some of the drop-outs occurred just after a massive spawn-in of Valesi (or whatever the heck they are).

Yeah, it’s ABSURDLY noticeable if you play a “private solo” mission on the new mission “The Void’s Edge”, particularly at the very beginning. Literally ZERO of the “Beastmasters” spawn lmao (the ones that summon Thrals).

Additionally, the number of shielders at the last boss is slashed by a lot (this is quite understandable, though, as one person really just… can’t get to them all in time) - they never increase the amount that spawns after the first time (which is like 3 or 4 - usually each time they spawn, more of them appear lol).

That might explain why it seemed like there was no scaling with the players then. And it also explains why I levelled up so fast in that game! REALLY glad I wasn’t button-mashing, or my thumb would be falling off.

I think the bigger issue is that The Void is VERY easy to fail if people ignore the mechanics.

Now, since you would have to work VERY hard to organize “non-PUG” games at the moment, asking people in randomized matches to adhere to boss mechanics is (and has NEVER) worked very well lol…

One of the most annoying parts of that mission is right before the final boss - people just stand there picking away at eh unceasing waves instead of shooting someone up to lower the shield and end the waves. A single decent player can quite easily handle to top themselves (I do it all the time with Thorn - my strategy is to rush the Thumper turret as quickly as possible, kill it, and summon my own Thumper turret to finish off any stragglers while I rush around the room quickly grabbing pickups).

…There are actually quite a few mechanics people usually ignore on The Void, i.e. KILL THE SUMMONERS!!!
These come in two forms - the “Beastmasters” who summon large packs of Thrals, and the giganic spear-like things that rocket into the ground (which do not move, but also summon packs of Thrals with every pulse).

Additionally, I keep seeing people put up Stinger and Shock (or w.e. they’re called) turrets, when in every situation on this map, a Thumper turret is ALWAYS best, due to the large packs of enemies, it’s long range, and huge amounts of splash damage.

The place I’ve seen groups fail the most is right before the portal section with the final boss. This is either because they fail to get all of the Spears and Beastmasters that spawn right as Wolf arrives at the force field door (and get overwhelmed), fail at stopping the large amount of Berserkers (or w.e. they’re called) who rush Wolf and SHRED him with powerful melee strikes, or simply do not send players up to lower the force field.

Additionally, I think a lot of people believe that Wolf’s “healing” power-up is only for players, but it also heals HIM as well, and I toss it onto him as often as I can…

Just a note - the auto-balancing won’t remove enemies already ON the field. So, if you were 5 players when you got to a combat area, and 4 players leave, we don’t have a way to remove those enemies, or scale back their strength while you’re there. So, there may be a few odd cases where you’re going to have a tough time until you can clear the enemies present.

Borderlands behaved the same way.

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Thanks for the confirmation. Is there anyway at all to compensate for that? You’re going to have a much harder time surviving if your team is down 50% or more… Some extra lives at that point to compensate for getting over-run might help.

I was trying to figure out what was going on there. Do the activation pads simply turn on the jump pad to get upstairs to the crystal? I think a lot of folks (including me until very recently) were under the impression that you simply had to get everyone on the pads to lower the force field.

If that’s what is going on, it might explain why a couple of folks left right then: they probably thought the game was glitched or something.

There are always activation pads for the amount of players -1, the one in the center is a jump pad. When all the activation pads are stood on, the jump pad becomes active for a few seconds, allowing one player to go up top and shut down the barrier. A second player can also go if they make a fast dash for the jump pad right after it activated.

If you cannot the large amount of enemies (including Beastmasters, Gunners, many Thralls, etc.) AND the Thumper Turret up there, best to send 2 people. Soloing that section is quite possible, but it can be difficult depending on the character.

For example, I can easily solo it even on Thorn (who doesn’t even have a shield), but that’s because I have devised a strategy:
As soon as I get sent up, I immediately open the two boxes (looking for overshields, cooldown reducers, and speed increases), then I immediately rush the Thumper Turret, focusing everything on it (making sure I have my ultimate up to knock everything back). As soon as it’s been destroyed, I build my own Thumper Turret (costs 400 shards), and duck behind the large cargo container to the left, letting it pull focus as it splatters the remaining enemies with AoE splash damage while I peek back out from behind it and pick them off one by one. If I am very low on health, I run back down the stairs and check the one crate on the right side of the room for health pickups.

Anyways, after the first room, you head into the hallways beyond it, turn right, and break the large crystal formation that is powering the force field. There will be a single Beastmaster guarding the crystal at the end of the hallway, and several Thralls will also spawn when you get near it (these also have a chance to be suiciders, so be careful). This section is best done with a quick and small character imo, as you can dash past the Beastmaster to disable the shield (and he is too large to even move behind the glass wall protecting the crystal lmao).