Coop stuttering / frame dropping issue

Hi there,

Me and my friend have an issue with frame rate when we play in co op mod. During the first two days I was hosting the game and was the only one who got stuttering and frame drops + ads drops (fps drops 60+ to 50). Yesterday we decided to switch the host of the game to see if something was different and of course it was. I 'd litteraly no frame drops anymore and no ads drops but my friends started to have fps drops (60+ to 30/20). Of course we tried to downgrade specs but it doesn’t change anything.

So at this point we just dropped the game. I feel disappointed, having a thousand + hours in borderlands video games and just wanna enjoy BL3 but we just played 4-5 h.

Hope it’s going to be patch soon . (and my english is understable it’s not my main language)


We can only hope…

Same issue with me here - When I join the game, I’m the one that gets lag, when the other person joins my game, he gets the lag. Solo has no lag. Never had this issue with previous Borderlands games (played all of them co-op as well).

Been hoping they would patch it, but so far no patches have fixed it. Also put in a support ticket, but haven’t heard back. I’ll reply back here when I do.