Cooperative Items Sharing

Hi there. I’ve just started a co-op game with a friend (there are only 2 of us).

I have selected Cooperation (not Coopetition). It describes this as…
“Cooperation: Every bit of loot you find is instanced in your game, meaning your teammates cannot take it. You can play with anyone of any level at any time.”

The first loot crate we opened contained 4 shield mods. As my friend started taking them, they disappeared on my screen. ie. not shared - not instanced per player. First one to grab them gets them.

This continued, and I had only 2 crappy weapons, and they had an inventory that was so big they had to start dropping things. I haven’t gotten a single green item yet and they have several.

What is happening? Is the Cooperation thing not working? I thought it should have items for each player.

Who is hosting the game?

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I think I was. I had the little crown icon next to my name. They joined me. We started a new game together (with new characters).

We seem to have shared money. Not sure about ammo.

Okay, well, something odd is going on. Please submit a support ticket here:

support ticket

Thabks normal fpr exactly that shield box as it is a quest related one.
The rest of the boxes should be fine. At least in my exp and all I do is play cooperation