Cooperative Loot (Does it apply to all servers I join?)

I set my loot type from competitive to cooperative. So now it means, all loot is personalised; I do not have to worry about others taking my loot, or of others having to worry about me taking their loot.

However, this is set to such only on my server.

If I join another server through matchmaking, does it mean that if the server is set to competitive, that my personal settings no longer apply?

Or is my ‘cooperative’ setting universal? So if I set to ‘cooperative’, and I join any server, including those that are competitive, that it becomes cooperative to me?

I’m thinking of starting online coop with others soon, but am worried about courtesy - that if some loot drops, I am not sure whether to take it first, as it may be rude towards others if set to competitive. At the same time, I prefer cooperative, and do not want others to take my loot.


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Depends on the host


Is there a way to check if a server is cooperative or competitive, so I can keep matchmaking until I find cooperative?