Cooperative Play - Same Items Dropping Bug?

Hey Guys,
some friend of mine and me are playing coop mode for several weeks now. In the beginning everything was ok, but for some days now we have about 100% the same legendary item drops. The name AND the stats are identical.
Is this a bug?

Is your loot mode set to cooperation or coopetition? The party host can set this and if it got changed it might explain the issue.

Cooperation means every player sees loot specific to their class. Note - everyone needs to check drops and chests as it will have different items per player.

Coopetition means it is shared loot so everyone sees the exact same drops.

An oddity - my wife and I play coopetition normally but see more overall lego drops in cooperation. Confirmed over multiple play thru’s so it is not RNG based. A weird dynamic that might lead one to prefer cooperation for more drops.

Are you playing with Lootsplosion modifier on? Sometimes that will duplicate the drops for both players. Also certain bosses like Agonizer and Wotan (non M4 items) will drop the same loot for everyone.

That was the first thing i checked - we are playing in cooperative mode. The strange thing is: in the beginning everything was ok. We both had different legendary drops and i got overall more than as if i was playing alone. Now it seems to be the complete opposite.

By the way, thanks for the fast answers! And I’m sorry for my english, no mother tongue :slight_smile:

Oh and ye, we are playing with lootsplosion…We will try it the next time by turning it off.

I will answer shortly if there was any difference. Thank you!

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Eista also has the same drops for both players, as well as loot ghosts when the Halloween event is on.

Soooo after playing again and switching the lootplosion off, everything is fine :slight_smile: We get different Legends again. So thanks for all your help, have fun in playing!